Ya’alon calls for burning Gaza fields in response to fire kites

Ya'alon Moshe

Israel’s former War Minister Moshe Ya’alon has said that fields in the Gaza Strip should be set ablaze in response to the fire kites and balloons sent from enclave into nearby Israeli settlements.

According to Maariv newspaper, Ya’alon said that the Israelis should pursue an “eye for an eye” policy in response to the fire kites sent over the border fence.

Regarding Israel’s threats against Hamas, Ya’alon said that “these are empty threats” and that ultimatums, which are only talk, damage deterrence.

As for the solution in Gaza, Ya’alon added that the policy should be one that the Palestinians understand that they have their own autonomy.

“Hamas is not interested in the 1967 borders, but Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, and the right of return. We have to explain this to the world,” said Ya’alon.

(Source / 07.07.2018)

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