Nono: Israel practices ethnic cleansing in al-Khan al-Ahmar

Taher al-Nono

The Hamas official Taher al-Nono, Media adviser to the head of the political bureau of Hamas Ismail Haneyya, said that the Israeli evicting of Palestinian families residing in Bedouin compounds near Occupied Jerusalem, especially in al-Khan al-Ahmar reflects Israel’s practices of terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

In a statement on Thursday, Nono hailed the steadfastness of the Palestinian families in al-Khan al-Ahmar area and their adherence to their land and homes.

He called for confronting the Israeli plans of emptying the Palestinian lands of its Palestinian residents. Nono also asked the international community and all competent authorities to urgently intervene for halting the Israeli crimes and violations in the region.

(Source / 06.07.2018)

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