Injuries as Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in al-Khalil

Injuries al-Khalil

Clashes erupted at daybreak Sunday as dozens of Israeli settlers broke into Palestinian homes and attacked the residents, resulting in injuries.

A PIC news correspondent said hordes of extremist Israeli settlers targeted Palestinian homes in the Shuhadaa Street with stones and empty bottles, before they aggressively beat civilians passing through the area.

At least five Palestinians sustained injuries and bruises in the assault, carried out under Israeli military escort.

An elderly Palestinian fell over after Israeli settlers heavily beat him up. The occupation soldiers prevented ambulances from reaching the area to evacuate the wounded.

At the same time the Israeli soldiers closed off a Palestinian home in the area shortly after it was assaulted by Israeli settlers. All the residents were forced out of the building under the pretext that they attacked Israeli settlers and soldiers.

(Source / 10.06.2018)

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