Assad Forces Execute Palestinian Refugee in Yarmouk Camp

Assad regime forces executed a Palestinian refugee in the Yarmouk refugee camp south of the capital Damascus after he tried to prevent them from looting his house in the ravaged district.

Local activists said that Assad’s militiamen cold bloodily shot Palestinian refugee Saleh Alloh after he entered the camp to check on his house in the Oroba Street. Alloh was shot dead when resisted Assad militias’ who were looting his house.

Videos and photos that activists published on social media showed Assad militiamen looting shops and civilian homes in Yarmouk camp as well as in the neighborhoods of Tadamon and al-Hajar al-Aswad after they forcibly displaced residents of the camp.

In a similar incident, Assad regime forces executed Palestinian child Mahmoud al-Bakr two weeks ago when he tried to prevent them from looting his house in the Orouba Street in the Yarmouk refugee camp. Regime forces also shot dead two Palestinian young men while they were trying to enter the camp to check on their houses.

Meanwhile, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) said Monday that at least 32 Palestinian refugees have been killed in the onslaught the Assad regime launched on the Yarmouk camp in mid-April as more bodies are being discovered under the rubble of bombed buildings in the southern Damascus suburb.

The figure has brought to 3,766, the number of Palestinian-Syrians who have been killed in Syria since March 2011, including 477 women, AGPS said.

The London-based monitoring group said that the victims were killed in bombings, clashes, and under torture in the prions of the Assad regime. A few days after the end of the military campaign on eastern Ghouta, the Assad regime and Russian forces launched a similar offensive to recapture the Yarmouk camp, which had been subjected to years of siege and heavy bombardment with the aim of emptying the area of its local population.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 06.06.2018)

Miles of Smiles convoy arrives in Gaza

Miles os Smiles

The 34th aid convoy of Miles of Smiles campaign arrived in the beleaguered Gaza Strip Tuesday evening through the Rafah border crossings after a long hiatus.

The convoy is considered the first of its kind to reach Gaza since Israel’s 2014 military aggression.

The convoy has been accompanied by a delegation of activists from Britain, Belgium, Germany, Algeria, Jordan, Indonesia, and Kuwait.

The delegation plans to hold meetings with Palestinian ministers in Gaza and visit refugee camps, March of Return camps and hospitals.

(Source / 06.06.2018)

60-year-old Palestinian arrested by Israeli army near Ibrahimi Mosque

60 year old arrested

A Palestinian man was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday evening near the Ibrahimi Mosque, in al-Khalil’s Old City.

Israeli soldiers stationed near the Ibrahimi Mosque stopped 60-year-old Rafiq al-Qudusi before they arrested him.

The arrestee was dragged by the occupation soldiers to an Israeli detention center in the Old City pending exhaustive questioning.

(Source / 06.06.2018)

Poll: 61% of Israel supports military response to Gaza protests

Palestinians carry a wounded protester during the ‘Great March of Return’ in Gaza on 12 April 2018

The majority of Israelis support Israel military response against the Great Marches of Return, a new poll revealed.

The poll was conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University between 28-30 May and included a sample of 600 people.

According to the monthly Peace Index a majority of respondents believed the Israeli military’s use of force against unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza was “proportionate”.

The poll revealed that 61 per cent of Israeli Jews believe “the Israeli army’s handling of the Palestinian protests near the border fence is correct, and that the force used against the demonstrators is also correct” however, 92 per cent of Arabs in Israel believe the Israeli army used excessive force.

 ‘Keep your mouths shut’: US envoy to Israel lambasts media over Gaza protests 

A majority of Israelis, 68 per cent, believe the demonstrations were planned by Hamas, while 62 per cent of Arabs believe the protests resulted from “despair”.

Asked about the living conditions in the Gaza Strip, the index showed that half of Israelis believe the authorities should work to alleviate the hardship in Gaza by facilitating the freedom of movement and the entry of goods.

Of those surveyed, 43 per cent believe there is a possibility of a full-scale war with Iran, while more than half think Israel is ready to protect its citizens if such unrest broke out.

(Source / 06.06.2018)

Israel renews administrative detention of Palestinian MP, Hassan Yousef

Palestinian MP, Hassan Yousef

Israeli occupation authorities yesterday renewed the administrative detention of Hamas leader and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Hassan Yousef.

    • Administrative detention is the arrest and detention of individuals by the state without charge or trial. It is applicable on a renewable six month term.

“My father’s administrative detention has been renewed for four months for the second time after he spent six months in detention,” Yousef’s son Owais wrote on Facebook.

Sheikh Yousef was due to be released on 12 June.

The 63-year-old was arrested in December only three months after being released having spent 22 months in administrative detention.

Yousef has spent more than 13 years in Israeli jails.

READ: Israel issued 128 administrative detention orders in 2018 

(Source / 06.06.2018)

Laatste tien – tip nr. 1!

In de serie ‘tips – laatste tien’ proberen we in sha Allah elke dag een handige tip te delen waarmee je deze gezegende nachten nog beter kan benutten.

De eerste tip is: betreed de moskee als één van de eersten en verlaat deze als één van de laatsten.

Een plek die ongetwijfeld centraal staat gedurende de Ramadan is de moskee. De meest geliefde plek bij Allah!

Als je meer wil halen uit deze laatste tien nachten, kun je dit simpel doen door meer tijd door te brengen in de moskee. Probeer deze als één van de eersten te betreden door wat eerder dan normaal van huis te gaan. Zoveel tijd heb je niet nodig met de iftaar om je honger te stillen. En daarnaast zal je je veel lichter voelen gedurende het gebed als je wat minder eet …

Wanneer je de moskee vroeg betreedt, heb je o.a. de volgende verdiensten:

  • Je bidt in de voorste rijen of misschien zelfs in de eerste rij; hier heb je de meeste beloning! Dit geldt ook voor de zusters die in de voorste rijen bidden in de vrouwensectie van de moskee.
  • Zolang je op het gebed aan het wachten bent, is het net alsof je in gebed staat!
  • De engelen verrichten du’a voor je zolang je op het gebed aan het wachten bent!
  • Je zal veel meer concentratie hebben tijdens al-‘Ishaa en de Taraweeh omdat je door jouw vroege aanwezigheid hier mentaal op voorbereid bent. In tegenstelling tot wanneer je gehaast het gebed betreedt.

Is het gebed afgelopen, haast je dan niet naar buiten. Maar geniet van de rust na het gebed en lees nog wat Koran of gedenk Allah de meest Verhevene.

Het voorgaande heeft voornamelijk betrekking op het ‘isha en taraweeh gebed, omdat men overdag druk kan zijn met werk e.d. Maar het beste is uiteraard als je – naar vermogen – ook wat meer tijd rondom de overige gebeden kan doorbrengen in de moskee.

Moge Allah ons bijstaan in het goed benutten van deze gezegende nachten.

(Source: / 06.06.2018)

Israel stops medical teams saving life of Tamimi youth it shot

Twenty-one-year old Izz Al-Din Tamimi was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh on 6th June 2018

Twenty-one-year old Izz Al-Din Tamimi was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh today.

Anti-settlement activist from Nabi Saleh, Bilal Tamimi, said that Israeli occupation forces prevented Palestinian medical teams from reaching the youth to help him before he was taken away by the soldiers, according to WAFA.

An initial report by Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem said Tamimi was shot at close-range by Israeli occupation forces and severely wounded. He died almost immediately of his wounds. The Israeli Army’s Civil Administration has confirmed reports of his death and has informed the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Other witnesses from the village told Haaretz that Tamimi was wanted by Israeli occupation forces and that Israeli soldiers entered the village to arrest him.

Izz Al-Din is one of many Tamimis who have been arrested in recent months. Ahed Tamimi, a 17-year-old Palestinian from the same village, is currently serving an eight-month jail sentenceafter being charged with stone-throwing and attacking soldiers. Ahed was arrested in December 2017 after a video showing her slapping Israeli occupation forces and telling them to leave her property went viral.

Knesset deputy speaker: Ahed Tamimi should have been shot in the kneecap

Prior to the incident, Israeli occupation forces had shot her cousin, Muhammad Tamimi, in the head. Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Major General Yoav Mordechai, contested the story, instead claiming that Muhammad sustained his injury by falling off his bike. The Tamimi family responded to the allegations by sharing official medical records from the Istishari Hospital in Ramallah and pictures of Muhammad’s x-ray, which clearly showed the presence of a rubber-coated steel bullet in his skull.

Ahed’s cousin, Nour Tamimi, was also arrested for featuring in the viral video. After being held in an Israeli prison for two weeks, even though no charges had been brought against her, Nour was released on a 5,000 shekel ($1,455) bail. In May, Ahed Tamimi’s brother, Waed, was also arrested by Israeli forces after the village and family were deliberately targeted as a result of their activism.

Video shows interrogation of Ahed Tamimi without a lawyer

The targeting of occupied West Bank villages by Israeli soldiers is a common occurance. Haaretz reports that two simultaneous incidents took place today, one in Beit Rima, another village northwest of Ramallah, and the second in Am’ari Refugee Camp in the Al-Bireh municipality. One Palestinian was reportedly wounded in the leg by rubber-tipped metal bullets.

B’Tselem statistics show that 12 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces in the West Bank in the first three months of 2018 alone. In 2017, a total of 39 Palestinians were killed.

(Source / 06.06.2018)

Palestinian activist threatened with death for exposing Israel crimes

Israeli forces shot a Palestinian woman at Qalandia checkpoint [ Issam Rimawi/Anadolu]

A Palestinian woman can be seen on the floor after Israeli forces shot her at the Qalandia checkpoint

A Palestinian activist has received death threats from occupation forces for exposing human rights violations in occupied Hebron.

Aref Jaber, an activist working with Hebron-based organisation Human Rights Defenders, said that occupation forces stopped him outside his home on Saturday and threatened to kill him if he continues to document their treatment of Palestinians in the city, according to Wafa. The incident took place in the area of Hebron known as H2, which is inhabited by approximately 35, 000 Palestinians and 500 illegal Israeli settlers.

Writing on the Human Rights Defenders’ Facebook page, Jaber explained that eight occupation force soldiers arrived at his home on Saturday. Two pointed their rifles directly at him, and a third repeatedly smashed Jaber’s face against a wall, “kicking [his] legs, ankles, and feet as hard as he could”.

Jaber’s post continued:

After the Israeli soldier finished conducting a violent search on me, he then screamed, in a very threatening way ‘you recorded the soldier who shot the terrorist […] If you continue to record, or take photos of the Israeli Army I will kill you!! Do you understand what I said!?! I will put a bullet in your head and that’s a promise!!!!’.”

The soldier was reportedly referring to another incident that occurred earlier on Saturday, in which occupation forces shot and killed Palestinian Rami Sabarneh. Jaber filmed the killing, which it is believed prompted the subsequent death threats by occupation forces.

According to Wafa, Sabarneh was doing road work for the Hebron Municipality near the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba, just outside Hebron, when he was killed. According to the Israeli military, Sabarneh was killed as he attempted to ram his vehicle into occupation forces. He was married and the father of three children.

Israel settlers take over Palestinian home in occupied Hebron

Human Rights Defenders, the group with which Jaber is affiliated, is a grass-roots organisation that documents human rights violations committed by Israeli occupation forces. The group distributes cameras to Palestinian families in areas where human rights violations occur on a regular basis, with the aim of collecting evidence of Israel’s violation of international law.

Israel has recently sought to crack down on filming crimes committed by its forces. In May, the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation discussed a bill that would prohibit the documentation of Israeli soldiers’ human rights violations against Palestinian citizens. The bill stated that “anyone who shoots a video or a photo, or records soldiers while they are doing their job, with the aim of disturbing the morale of soldiers and citizens, will be sentenced to five year’s imprisonment. In case this is done with the aim of destabilising the state’s security, the perpetrator will be sentenced to ten year’s imprisonment.”

The bill was widely condemned, with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) calling on the Committee to oppose it. IFJ General Secretary, Anthony Bellanger, said that “the Israeli legislative proposal must by no means become a law. It constitutes a serious breach of the freedom of the press, as it precisely criminalises the work of journalists […] Censorship should not be enshrined in law, and it is media workers’ duty to inform the public.”

Committee to Protect Journalists slams Israeli authorities for Gaza shootings

(Source / 06.06.2018)

Palestine calls on ICC to prosecute Israel minister for incitement

Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute Israeli Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan for inciting against those flying kites in the Gaza Strip.

Erdan yesterday called for Palestinians who launch kites from Gaza to be assassinated.

In a press statement, the ministry condemned the Israeli official’s statements and described them as “terrorist and racist”.

The comments were made by “war criminals and murderers who must be held accountable by the International Criminal Court,” the Palestinian ministry added.

Erdan wrote on Twitter: “It’s inconceivable that there are people who think that these kids are playing.”

Israel minister: Assassinate Palestinians who launch kites

The Israeli minister added: “We need to return to preventative assassinations. Those who send the kites and Hamas commanders must be a target for preventative killings.”

Palestinians started launching kites during peaceful protests to mark 70 years since the Nakba, when nearly a million Palestinians were forced out of their homes to make way for the formation of the state of Israel.

Since then, Israel has committed a bloody massacre in Gaza, killed at least 123 Palestinians and injuring over 14,000.

(Source / 06.06.2018)

PCHR: “Israeli Supreme Court Issues Decision to Demolish Khan Al-Ahmar Bedouin Community, East of Jerusalem”

06 JUN
1:04 AM

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns the Israeli Supreme Court’s decision to demolish Khan Al-Ahmar Bedouin Community, east of occupied Jerusalem, and expresses its concern over implementing this decision at any moment by Israeli forces. PCHR calls upon the international community to immediately intervene and assume its legal and moral responsibilities to stop the implementation of this serious scheme that is in favor of the settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

According to PCHR’s investigations, on Thursday, 24 May 2018, the Israeli Supreme Court Justices Noam Solberg, ‘Anat Brown and Yael Fellner, issued a decision that allow Israel to demolish the houses of Khan Al-Ahmar Bedouin Community, east of the city, and to transfer them from their houses to what is known as “Jerusalem Gate” in al-‘Izariyah village, east of the City. The demolition decision included all the Bedouin community houses, including a mosque and a school that were built of mud bricks and rubber tires.

‘Eid Khamis Jahaleen, Head of Khan al-Ahmar Bedouin community, said that he was informed of the court’s decision on Thursday, 24 May 2018. He also stated that the court held a hearing on 25 April 2018 to consider the challenge on the displacement decision.

At that time, a decision was issued to give the Bedouin Community residents 10 days to find another place. ‘Eid Jahaleen expected the demolition and displacement decisions will be implemented at any moment. Khan Al-Ahmar Bedouin Community, which is near “Ma’ale Adumim” and “Kefar Adumim” settlements established east of Jerusalem, shelters around 35 families comprised of 190 persons who live in tin-plate houses and tents. Regarding the school, it is the only one in the community that includes around 170 students and 16 teachers.

The number of the Bedouin communities, east of Jerusalem, is 23 communities where around 5,000 civilians live.

This Bedouin area in East Jerusalem is one of those areas that have been targeted by the colonization for decades. The Israeli Government has unprecedentedly accelerated its settlement, particularly in East Jerusalem and its surroundings.

On 16 November 2017, the Organization and Construction Department of the Israeli Civil Administration issued orders to evacuate the residents of Pope Mountain Community in al-‘Izzariyha village near “Ma’aleh Adumim” settlement.

This community is inhabited by 57 families comprised of 320 members; half of them are children. In the same date, the Israeli Prime Minister issued a decision ordering the Palestinian Bedouins living in communities to evacuate their houses in the vicinity of occupied Jerusalem, near Street No. (1) and relocate them to the Dead Sea. The later Israeli Supreme Court’s decision came in favor of the settlement projects in that area.

PCHR believes that the targeting and transferring the Bedouin communities, east of occupied Jerusalem by the Israeli authorities came in favor of their settlement projects, which unprecedentedly escalated last year, particularly in East Jerusalem and its surroundings. The (E1) Settlement Plan comes at the forefront of these projects, seeking to annex the settlements established, east of the city, within the boundaries of the Israeli municipality and so separating the north of West Bank from the south of it and burry any possibility of a viable Palestinian state. In light of the above, PCHR:

  1. Calls upon the international community to intervene in order to oblige Israel to stop all its settlement activities in the oPt, particularly in East Jerusalem;
  2. Emphasizes East Jerusalem is an occupied territory, and all the measures taken by the Israeli authorities following the 1967 occupation of it do not change its legal status as an occupied territory;
  3. Confirms that all Israeli settlement activities in occupied East Jerusalem are considered a crime against humanity according to the international humanitarian law;
  4. Calls upon the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions to fulfill their obligation under Article 1 to ensure respect for the present Convention in all circumstances; and
  5. Believes that the conspiracy of silence practiced by the international community has encouraged Israel to commit further violations of international human rights and international humanitarian laws, including the efforts made to create a Jewish majority in occupied East Jerusalem.

(Source / 06.06.2018)