Alarm raised over inhuman inter-prison transfer of Palestinian inmates

Inhuman transfer

Head of the Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies Rafat Hamdouna has sounded alarm bells over the abject conditions Palestinian detainees have been enduring during inter-prison transfers by the Israeli prison authorities.

Hamdouna said the Palestinians have been subjected to harsh treatment during their transfer to other prisons or to court via the “bosta” vehicle.

Hamdouna’s calls came following appeals launched by the wife of prisoner Khader Adnan to speak up for the agony inflicted on Palestinian inmates during transfer joruneys via the “bosta”.

She said her husband, among other detainees, have been mistreated, oppressed, and tortured while being moved to and back from Israeli courts.

Hamdouna spoke out against the horrible smells stemming from the “bosta”, into which Israeli criminals and Palestinian political prisoners are crammed.

He added that Israel’s Nashon suppressive troops have been preventing Palestinian inmates from food, water, and toilets.

The “bosta” vehicle is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter for it is made of thick tin and has metal chairs. It also has poor ventilation, is overcrowded, and contains an isolated cell that can barely accommodate a prisoner.

Hamdouna also said prisoner patients, particularly those diagnosed with diabetes, cannot take in their drugs on time due to the lack of needed water and are usually barred from going to the toilet, which severely affects their health status.

The “bosta” is the Israeli inter-prison transfer vehicle in which the Palestinian inmates are cuffed all the way to and back from court, clinic, or another jail while sitting on metal chairs.

(Source / 07.05.2018)

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