AOHR releases report on Israeli violations against Palestinians

Violations AOHR report

The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) in Britain has released a report highlighting Israeli forces’ violations against the Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza during the first quarter of the current year, 2018.

According to the report, Israeli forces killed 33 Palestinians, including three minors, during the reporting period in different areas of occupied Palestine.

Those victims were either killed during their participation in protests or during security campaigns in Palestinian cities, towns or villages.

AOHR accused Israel of using lethal force when dealing exclusively with the Palestinians.

Its report also pointed to the arrest of 2,055 Palestinian citizens by Israeli military and security forces during the same period.

The detainees included 392 minors and 37 women from the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza.

Despite the refusal of administrative detainees, who are held with no indictment or trial, to go to Israeli military courts for about two months in protest at their arbitrary detention, Israel has persisted in issuing or renewing administrative prison orders against Palestinians.

According to the report, about 220 administrative detention orders were issued against Palestinian citizens and internees already held administratively.

(Source / 13.04.2018)

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