Israeli authorities banned travel of 32 West Bankers last week

travel ban 32 WB

The Israeli occupation authorities last week prevented 32 Palestinians from the West Bank from travelling abroad via al-Karama crossing, the only outlet connecting the West Bank with the outside world through Jordan.

The Palestinian police in Ramallah said in a press statement on Saturday that the passengers were denied travel for unexplained “security reasons”.

According to the police statement, about 44,000 passengers were able to pass through al-Karama crossing in both directions during the reported period.

Israel established al-Karama crossing (Allenby) in 1967 following its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip basically for the travel of West Bank Palestinians.

Another crossing was built for commercial purposes called Sheikh Hussein bridge but it later started to be used for the travel of Israelis, foreign tourists and Palestinians of the 1948 occupied territories who have Israeli IDs.

(Source / 07.04.2018)

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