Israel tightens restrictions in O. J’lem

As Christians celebrate Sabbath

Restrictions al Quds

Israeli police tightened on Saturday morning restrictions in Occupied Jerusalem’s Old City as Orthodox Christian churches celebrate Sabbath, the day before Easter Day.

Several military checkpoints were erected throughout the occupied city, restricting the access of thousands of Christians from home and abroad to the Holy Sepulcher, the PIC reporter said.

Verbal confrontations took place between Israeli police and Christians in protest against Israel’s manhandling of worshipers.

While the Catholic churches marked Easter last Sunday, the orthodox churches that follow the eastern calendar celebrate it this coming Sunday.

Thousands of Christians from the West Bank and Gaza could not be in Jerusalem to celebrate Holy Week this Easter at the crucifixion of Christ place because Israel closed the entire occupied territories to Palestinians while it celebrated the Jewish Passover holiday.

(Source / 07.04.2018)

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