Palestinians injured after settlers and soldiers storm Beita town

Seita settlers attack

Several Palestinian citizens on Wednesday suffered injuries as they were trying to fend off scores of Jewish settlers and soldiers who infiltrated into their West Bank town, Beita, for alleged holiday rituals.

Beita mayor Fu’aad Maali stated that a group of settlers escorted by soldiers entered the eastern area of Beita in Nablus and behaved provocatively towards local residents.

Maali added that local young men confronted the settlers and soldiers and clashed with them.

During the events, two Palestinian youths were injured by rubber bullets and many others suffered from their exposure to tear gas fumes

The mayor affirmed that the Israeli assault on Beita residents had been preceded recently by many violations committed by soldiers and settlers against them, including the closure of all entrances to their town with mounds of dirt and concrete blocks.

(Source / 05.04.2018)

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