Gov’t media: Israeli forces deliberately targeted journalists in Gaza

Press attackted

The government media office in Gaza said that the Israeli occupation forces deliberately targeted journalists during the recent protests held in Gaza in an attempt to prevent them from revealing the truth.

In a statement on Saturday, the media office accused Israeli forces of firing live ammunition and tear gas grenades directly at journalists who were covering the border protests in Gaza on Friday and Saturday despite the clear and special signs referring to their job they were holding and their presence in spots relatively away from the participants in the protests.

The official also accused Israel of launching jamming attacks on telecommunication networks and media satellite communication vehicles during the protests, and hacking online pages and accounts belonging to journalists, especially those who were assigned to cover the recent events.

It stressed that such attacks on journalists were a new crime in Israel’s criminal record against freedoms of opinion and expression.

“It is not surprising to see those who kill unarmed civilians try to conceal their crime by attacking journalists who witness the event and relay it to the public opinion,” the office stated.

It called for forming an international inquiry commission to probe Israel’s growing violations and assaults on media crews in Palestine.

(Source / 01.04.2018)

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