Illegal Jewish settlers attack Palestinian farmers north of Ramallah

A farmer can be seen harvesting green wheat

Illegal Jewish-Israeli settlers from the settlement of Adi Ad attacked Palestinian farmers working in their fields on Monday The incident took place near the town of Tormosayya, north-east of Ramallah.

A member of Tormosayya village council, Saeid Taleb, pointed out in a media statement that the settlement in question is built on land belonging to the village. The settlers, he explained, attacked ten farmers while they were working on their land. They threw stones at the farmers while Israeli soldiers protected them in case the Palestinian workers retaliated.

In fact, said Taleb, the farmers did respond to the settlers’ attack before the soldiers intervened and forced the Palestinians to leave their own land, even though they had permission from the competent authorities to work there.

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(Source / 20.03.2018)

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