21 Palestinian refugees killed in war-torn Syria in February

21 Pal's killed in Syria

At least 21 Palestinian refugees were pronounced dead in the raging Syrian warfare during February 2018, the London-based Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) reported.

A report by AGPS said 12 Palestinian refugees were fatally shot down; four died as a result of the unabated shelling; three were executed, and one refugee was tortured to death in Syrian dungeons. One more Palestinian breathed his last a result of the blockade and lack of medical care while another died of unknown causes.

As for the geographical distribution of the casualties, Damascus topped the list with 12 Palestinians, followed by Rif Dimashq, with five casualties. One Palestinian was pronounced dead in Deir al-Zor.

AGPS report also kept record of the death of three other Palestinian refugees in unknown locations as a result of the rampant Syrian conflict.

(Source / 08.03.2018)

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