Syrian Coalition: Assad Regime Blocks Aid to Civilians to Force Them to Leave Their Homes

Vice-president of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Rahman Mustafa said that the Assad regime’s disruption of the entry of a UN aid convoy to eastern Ghouta on Monday has shown that it is unwilling to allow much-needed relief aid to reach civilians with the aim of putting more pressure on them and ultimately forcing them to surrender.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Monday said that the convoy of more than 40 trucks pulled out of Douma in darkness after shelling on the town, without fully unloading supplies during a nine-hour stay.

Reuters quoted a World Health Organization (WHO) official as saying that regime forces had ordered 70 percent of medical supplies to be stripped out of the convoy, preventing trauma kits, surgical kits, insulin and other vital material from reaching the area.

Vice-president Mustafa said that these incidents have been repeated in many areas under siege by regime forces and have cruelly exposed the Assad regime’s real intentions. He underscored that the Assad regime will continue to refuse to implement the recently adopted UN Security Council resolution 2401, adding that the regime’s blocking of relief aid is aimed at circumventing the UN resolution and put increasing pressure on residents of eastern Ghouta and forcing them to submit to its conditions.

“The continued violations of UN resolutions have clearly exposed the international community’s inaction in Syria, which is being exploited by the Assad regime and its backers to the full,” Mustafa said. He expressed hope that the UN Security Council will take action and defend its resolutions and save hundreds of thousands of civilians.

“The Assad’s violations of international resolutions risk encouraging everyone to rebel against the entire international system. Ten days have passed since resolution 2401 was adopted but is has not been enforced yet, which encourages international chaos.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 06.03.2018)

Israeli forces fire tear gas at primary school in Jerusalem

Palestinian children in a school playground which faces demolition due to Israeli accusations that it was built without a license. This is the only school in the area and it provides an education to 65 children [Anadolu Agency]

Palestinian children in a school playground which faces demolition due to Israeli accusations that it was built without a license. This is the only school in the area and it provides an education to 65 children

Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas at Anata Primary School in the occupied city of Jerusalem on Monday morning, harming most of the students and teachers inside the school, Quds Pressreported.

Deputy Headmaster Imad Eliyan said that the Israeli occupation forces “suddenly” fired a barrage of tear gas canisters at the school “without any justification.”

Israel demolishing Palestinian schools - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

Speaking to Quds Press, Eliyan said that most of the students, who were in the playground of the school, along with the teachers, suffered from breathing difficulties and received first aid treatment due to the heavy tear gas.

He noted that the tear gas attack took place at 11am local time, when all the 340 young boys were in the schoolyard during the break.

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Eliyan said that students and teachers of the neighbouring school were also affected by the tear gas attack.

Israeli occupation forces frequently attack Palestinian schools, arrest young students and teachers and cause panic among students.

(Source / 06.03.2018)

Report: New incitement post every 71 seconds on Israeli social media


7amleh Centre recently conducted a research to measure the extent of Israeli incitement against Palestinians on social media for the year 2017, which has been published today. The main key findings were as follows:

  • Every 71 seconds there is an inciting post uploaded against Palestinians
  • A total of 445,000 calls for violence, hate speech posts and curses against Palestinians
  • One out of nine posts about Palestinians contains a call for violence or a curse
  • 50,000 Israeli social media users wrote at least one inciting post against Palestinians

Whilst Facebook intensifies its efforts to suspend, delete and ban Palestinian accounts and pages under the pretext of “incitement”, the social media giant expanded its platform for Israeli incitement, 82% of which takes place on Facebook, according to a recent study conducted by 7amleh. 2017 witnessed a rapid upsurge of right wing Israeli Facebook groups and pages that incite against Palestinians, some of which include The Shadow (an extreme right-wing Israeli singer), Roaring for the Right, Against Extreme Leftist Media, Reclaiming Jewish Nationality, Fighting for the Land of Israel and The Lies of the Leftists (all translated from Hebrew) in addition to the rising incitement perpetrated on Facebook pages of mainstream Israeli media.

This index was developed by monitoring violent and inciting rhetoric according to a list of 100 keywords of expressions, names and personalities in Hebrew with the aim of measuring the level of violent rhetoric and hate speech at the hands of Israeli social media users. Interestingly, the results indicate that the level of Israeli violence on social media has decreased from 2016 but increased from 2015.

Jerusalem was the main focal point for online violence against Palestinians and the research illustrates that 50,000 inciting posts against Arabs were uploaded in July 2017 alone in light of the events at Al Aqsa mosque and Israel’s attempt to install electronic gates. This online violence was mainly directed towards Palestinian politicians, such as Ahmad Tibi and Haneen Zoabi.

Nadim Nashif, the Executive Director of 7amleh has expressed grave concern at the results of the research, which exposes Facebook’s complicity in perpetuating the double standards of the Israeli government of silencing and shutting down Palestinian content whilst allowing for the spread of Israeli incitement. Furthermore, the Israeli government fails to hold any Israeli accountable for online violence while at the same time it jails hundreds of Palestinians based on this unfounded claim of incitement.

7amleh is the only Palestinian non-governmental organization dedicated to utilizing online resources to empower marginalized Palestinian communities and enhance their capacities in advocacy and raising social awareness. Our values are based on the unwavering belief of freedom of speech, we work to protect the digital rights and freedom of speech for Palestinians. 7amleh, through its dynamic and community-based approach, works in response to the subjugation of Palestinian voices and aims to build a Palestinian society that is able to breach geo-political boundaries and use digital platforms en masse to advance the community’s rights and well-being, 7amleh conducted this research in cooperation with Vigo Social Intelligence and Berl Katznelson Foundation.

(Source / 06.03.2018)

IOF demolish residential structure in East Jerusalem

Demolition house Silwan

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday morning demolished a residential structure in Silwan town, East Jerusalem, under the pretext of no building permit.

Israeli municipality bulldozer, accompanied by Israeli police, stormed the town and destroyed a room and a fence belonging to a Palestinian citizen under the pretext of non-licensing.

Demolition house Silwan1

(Source / 06.03.2018)