MP Abdul Jawad subjected to torture in Israeli jails

Naser Abdul Jawad tortured

MP Naser Abdul Jawad, from Deir Ballout town in Salfit governorate in the northern West Bank, has been subjected to torture in Israeli jails and deprived of sleep for consecutive days.

The family of MP Abdul Jawad revealed that he has been arrested for 50 days under harsh violent investigation leading to the deterioration of his health and that he was moved to the hospital for treatment.

His family who are deprived of visiting him in jail said that Abdul Jawad informed the judge at court that he had been brutally tortured during investigation. He was transferred to Erez crossing in order to make him think that he was going to be deported to Gaza Strip as a form of threat.

The family held the Israeli occupation authorities responsible in full for the life of MP Abdul Jawad. His detention has been extended for several times for no charges and without allowing him to meet his lawyer.

Abdul Jawad was arrested many times in Israeli jails, the last of which was three weeks after he came back home from Malaysia where he obtained his PhD degree.

(Source / 22.02.2018)

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