Services halted in Gaza’s Beit Hanoun hospital due to fuel shortage

Hemaya warns

Spokesman for Gaza’s Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qedra, on Monday morning announced that services were suspended in Beit Hanoun hospital after the health facility had run out of fuel.

Al-Qedra said in a brief statement that patients of Beit Hanoun will be transferred to other hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza’s Ministry of Health on Sunday warned that Beit Hanoun hospital as well as al-Durra children’s hospital might be shut down within hours due to the acute fuel shortage plaguing the besieged area.

Al-Qedra announced on 23rd January that the Palestinian Authority (PA) Minister of Health, Jawad Awwad, had decided to allocate one million shekels to supply Gaza’s health facilities with fuel. However, al-Qedra added, the funds would cover the fuel consumed by these facilities in ten days only.

For his part, Hamas’s spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said that the PA government is deliberately pushing Gaza toward collapse. Barhoum, in a statement on his Facebook page, held the PA government responsible for the consequences of this crisis.

Ministry of Health said in earlier statements that it is facing a stifling power crisis that would adversely affect the provision of health services in the Gaza Strip.

It added that it had decided to operate smaller generators in its facilities and take a series of austerity measures to optimize the use of the available amount of fuel.

The Ministry explained that Gaza’s health facilities need 450,000 liters of diesel per month when power outages last 8-12 hours a day. In the case of 20-hour outages, 950,000 liters are needed.

The cost of the fuel needed to cover a single hour of power outage is nearly $2,000, the Ministry noted.

(Source / 29.01.2018)

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