IOF raid and arrest campaigns target Jarrar family in Jenin

Arrests Jarrar Family

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Wednesday raided more Palestinian houses belonging to the Jarrar family in Wad Burqin area to the west of Jenin city. The area has been repeatedly subjected to overnight raids since last week’s armed clash.

Local sources told the PIC reporter that the IOF soldiers arrested two Palestinian young men and broke into a number of houses owned by relatives of Ahmad Nasr Jarrar whom the Israeli occupation accuses of being involved in Nablus shooting attack.

They added that the IOF soldiers were deployed in large numbers in the area, searched the houses and heavily fired sound bombs and live bullets during the raids.

Over the past week, the Israeli forces have launched daily raid and harassment campaigns against the Jarrar family in Jenin in pursuit of Ahmad Jarrar.

(Source / 24.01.2018)

Human rights center warns of collapse of Gaza health system

Hemaya warns

Hemaya Center for Human Rights on Wednesday warned of the collapse of the health system in the Gaza Strip due to the acute power shortage.

The Center warned in a statement of what it called the “serious repercussions” of the fuel crisis on Gaza’s health sector.

Gaza’s Health Ministry on Monday said that some departments in Gaza hospitals are threatened with closure including the departments of dialysis, surgeries, baby incubation, and intensive care in addition to other departments concerned with assistive, administrative and diagnostic services as a result of the severe shortage in the fuel needed to operate the Ministry’s various facilities.

The Palestinian Center asked the Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas to intervene immediately to end the crisis plaguing Gaza’s different sectors and called on the PA government to take the necessary measures to keep medical facilities in Gaza running.

It also called for an urgent action by the World Health Organization and the international community to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian patients in the Gaza Strip and pressure the Israeli occupation to lift the decade-long blockade imposed on the enclave.

(Source / 24.01.2018)

Israeli authorities demolish al-Araqib village for 124th time

Al-Araqib 124

Israeli bulldozers on Wednesday morning demolished al-Araqib village in the southern Negev area for the 124th time.

Local sources reported that Israeli bulldozers escorted by a large police force stormed the village in the early morning hours, forced the residents out of their houses and demolished them. Al-Araqib residents were left without shelter in the biting cold.

The last time al-Araqib houses were demolished was on 28th December 2017. The Israeli authorities are seeking to remove the Palestinian people of al-Araqib from their lands in preparation for Judaizing the area.

Al-Araqib is one of 40 Palestinian villages in the Negev which Israel wants to uproot in favor of settlement expansion projects that fall in line with a displacement plan called “Prawer”.

(Source / 24.01.2018)

Shin Bet extends administrative detention of Khaled Hajj

Khaled al-Hajj

The Shin Bet, Israel’s internal intelligence, has extended the administrative detention of senior Hamas official Khaled al-Hajj, with no indictment or trial.

Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that Hajj, aged 50 from Jalqamus village in Jenin, was supposed to be released on Monday, January 22, before the Shin Bet informed him of its decision to extend his decision.

Khaled al-Hajj is one of the prominent Hamas figures in Jenin and already spent more than 15 years in Israeli jails, mostly in administrative detention.

(Source / 24.01.2018)

Israeli police bans Palestinian activist from Occupied Jerusalem

Jawad Seyam

The Israeli police on Tuesday evening released the director of Wadi Hilweh Information Center, Jawad Seyam, on conditions that he be banned from Occupied Jerusalem for two weeks and pay a fine of 5,000 shekels.

Seyam said Israeli forces stormed his home in Silwan and summoned him to questioning at a police station in Salah al-Deen street over charges of flying Palestinian flags and balloons in the air during the U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the Buraq Wall (al-Aqsa’s western wall).

Seyam said he has also been interrogated over his documentation of Israeli violations in Occupied Jerusalem.

(Source / 24.01.2018)

Syrian Coalition Calls on Int’l Community to Hold Accountable Perpetrators of Chemical Attacks in Syria

The Syrian Coalition called on the international community to take action to put an end to the use of chemical weapons in Syria and hold those responsible accountable as a meeting bringing together 30 countries began in Paris today to establish a new partnership against the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Russia killed an investigation by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) – known as the Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) after it had vetoed two UN Security Council resolutions preventing the renewal of the mandate for the mission.

The Syrian Civil Defense Corps, also known as the White Helmets, said that Assad regime forces targeted populated areas in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta with rockets loaded with poison chlorine gas on Monday. The attack caused dozens of asphyxiation cases among civilians in the district of Douma, the Civil Defense said, adding that most of the injured were women and children.

The Syrian Coalition said that the “repeated failures over the past years, coupled with the negative role of most parties, are to blame for the current situation on the ground in Syria. It called upon the United Nations and active players exert real pressure corresponding with the situation on the ground to prevent further bloody escalation.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Coalition said: “such violations are no longer only a challenge to the international community and Security Council resolutions, but they have become more like an insult to those parties which are unable to carry out their duties or shoulder their responsibilities.”

The Coalition condemned the “repeated, systematic, deliberate use of chlorine gas by regime forces as it warns of the consequences of remaining silent about these attacks. Remaining silent risks encourage the Assad regime to escalate these attacks.”

The Coalition went on to say that “the Assad regime and its supporters will not change their criminal behavior, nor will they stop violating international resolutions through the use of chemical weapons and the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity unless they pay heavily for their actions.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 24.01.2018)

Minors among 34 female Palestinian inmates tortured in Israeli jail

34 females tortured

At least 34 Palestinian female detainees have been subjected to abject conditions of captivity in the Iraeli HaSharon lock-up.

According to the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners’ Commission, the list of detainees includes Shatila Abu Eyada and Shourouq Dweiyat, both sentenced to 16 years. Also figuring on the list area Maysoun al-Jebali, serving 15 years in prison; Nourhen Awad, serving 13 years and a half; Israa Ja’abis, serving 11 years; Rawan Dar Abu Matar, serving nine years; and Marah Bakir, sentenced to eight years and a half.

Also among the detainees are eight minors, including Malak Salman, sentenced to ten years; Manar Shweiki, sentenced to six years; Lamia al-Burki, sentenced to three years and three months; and Hadiya Areinat, serving three years.

(Source / 24.01.2018)

After general strike, Palestinian factions calls for day of rage

Palestinians gather to protest against a visit to Israel by US Vice President Mike Pence in Bethlehem, West Bank on 21 January 2018

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip announced a general strike on Tuesday protesting against the visit of US Vice President Mike Pence to Israel and his administration’s decision regarding Jerusalem, Quds Press reported.

The strike paralysed all sectors across the occupied Palestinian territories, except the education and health sectors.

Most of the Palestinian factions, organisations, NGOs and syndicates issued statements criticising Pence’s remarks that reiterated US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Dozens of Palestinian youths closed the highway connecting Ramallah with the northern governorates in the West Bank and burnt tires.

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The different Palestinian bodies accused the US of helping Israel in “forging” the history of the holy city and “stealing the history of Palestine”, with full disrespect to the international resolutions regarding Jerusalem and Palestine.

They also criticised the weak official Arabic stance regarding the US and Israeli “aggression” on Jerusalem and Pence’s visit to the Western Wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian factions renewed their rejection of the US move on Jerusalem and called for Friday to be a day of rage across the occupied Palestinian territories.

It is worth mentioning that Pence reaffirmed Trump’s move on Jerusalem before the Israeli Knesset. In a joint press conference with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he made it clear that the US embassy in Israel would be moved to Jerusalem “before the end of next year.”

(Source / 24.01.2018)

After CHF International, WFP cuts aid to 60,000 poor in Gaza

WFP and CHF International and others cut their aid to the poor in Gaza after Israeli call to tighten the siege on the coastal enclave

As part of the Israel-led international war on Gaza, World Food Programme (WFP) has cut food aid to 60,000 residents in Gaza living below poverty line.

To criticise this punitive measure taken by the international organisation, the poor in Gaza staged a protest in front of the head office of the UNDP.

Said abu-Hassan, father of nine including two disabled, said that he loves on the food aid offered by the different charities in Gaza.

“I have been suffering from a chronic backache for about nine years and I cannot work,” he said. “Therefore, the only source of income is the food packages I receive from the different charities, including the one from the WFP.”

Jasmine abul-Assal, from the WFP office in Gaza, confirmed the reports about the food aid cuts. “Recently, we cut food aid to 60,000 poor families in Gaza,” she said.

She referred the reasons for the food aid cuts to budget deficit and lack of funds.

Last week, hundreds of Palestinian families staged protest in front of the UNDP office in Gaza against the halt of food aid had been offered by the CHF International.

WFP and CHF International along other international charities cut their aid after Israeli calls to tightening the siege on the Gaza Strip.

This coincided with the Palestinian Authority increase of the punitive measures imposed on Gaza that included halt or reduction of sending medicines and necessary medical equipment to Gaza hospitals.

On Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority and Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas imposed 16 per cent tax on communication companies working in Gaza.

(Source / 24.01.2018)

Abbas imposes more punitive measures on Gaza residents

Gaza’s residents protested against this measure and called for him to support Gaza ‘instead of sucking its blood’

Amidst deteriorating economic situation, Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas imposed new tax on communication firms working in Gaza Strip, sources revealed on Tuesday.

The sources said that Abbas had imposed the value added tax (VAT) by 16 per cent on the princes of communications paid by the Gaza residents.

VAT had been previously reduced to 1 per cent due to the deteriorating economy in Gaza, which has been living under strict Israeli siege, PA and Egyptian siege.

Most Western and Arab states support the siege on Gaza in order to put pressure on the moderate Islamic Palestinian Movement Hamas, which legally fights the Israeli occupation, to disarm.

Gaza residents started to complain due to the new tax imposed on them. Social media users said: “Instead of supporting us, Abbas is sucking our blood.”

Abbas has been denying accusations that he is part of the siege on Gaza and the measures he took against Gazans, including electricity cuts, halt of treatment permits, reduction of medicines in the Gaza hospitals and stopping to pay fees and salaries to public servants in Gaza.

(Source / 24.01.2018)