The Face of Truth: A Palestinian Mother Tortured By Occupation

By Saeed Amireh

While spending too much of your time reading articles, listening to songs and poems about Ahed Tamimi’s “glories”, here is a case of a real Palestinian hero that you won’t hear about in the media! Her picture is enough to tell of all her pain!

Israa Ja’abis, 32 years old, from Jabal Almukaber in occupied Jerusalem, is a mother of an 8 years old child, and teacher in a kindergarten. Israa has been in Israeli military jail since 2 years ago. She was arrested after she had an accident on the 11th of October, 2015. She was in her car on the highway between Jericho and Jerusalem when an accident occurred.

In spite of her serious injuries and the burning of 50% of her body, she was accused of trying to commit a suicide attack because she was carrying a propane tank in her car.

Israa was transporting the propane tank, a TV and other household equipment from her family home in Jericho, to her new house in Jerusalem. What exploded in her car was not the propane tank, but a pipe in her car.  It was not in any place special that anyone could suspect her of what the Zionist occupation claims!

Since her abduction, Israa didn’t get any good medical treatment. She lost 8 of her fingers due to medical negligence!

Although there is no evidence to prove the Zionist claims against her, Israa was given today in military court, a sentence of 11 years in prisons! When she was asked what you want to tell the world, she looked in very deep pain and agony and didn’t say anything!

Now if you want to really do something, here is a very important case to help Israa get out of this evil oppression of an evil and diamond occupation! Spread the word everywhere to annoy the ears of mainstream media! Put pressure on all the politicians to act and pressure the so called “human rights” organisations to prove some truth that human rights exists!


Demand the Israeli Occupation immediately and unconditionally release Israa Ja’abis!

You can help Israa by sending a letter to Mr. Michael Lynk, UN Special Rapporteur of human rights for the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTC) occupied since 1967.
Emails:, and your representative at the UN.

(Source / 13.01.2018)