Israeli occupation grabs hold of Nablus school lands

Burin school land

The Israeli occupation authorities on Thursday seized large tracts of Palestinian lands in Nablus’s southern town of Burin, in the northern West Bank.

Speaking with PIC, director of Burin Secondary School Ibrahim Omran said an Israeli liaison officer and the army’s deputy commander showed up in the area and updated him on the confiscation order.

The Israeli officers also said that the targeted area, covering over 20 dunums of the 55-dunum school, will be engulfed with birded wire.

The confiscation was issued allegedly to protect the school from the simmering assaults by Israeli settlers.

The school headmaster rejected the alleged reasons and told the officers: “Had your intention been to protect the school, the barbed while would have been set up near the bypass road.”

He added that the fence to be set up around the land will prevent the locals from cultivating it and using it for future projects.

Although an Israeli military watchtower is just dozens of meters away from the area, Burin school, located near the bypass road leading to Yitzhar settlement, has increasingly been targeted by Israeli settlers.

(Source / 12.01.2018)

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