Arrests, interrogation writs reported in dawn sweep by Israeli army

Sweep again

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at daybreak Sunday arrested a number of Palestinians and summoned others to questioning.

Israeli army troops rolled into al-Arroub refugee camp, north of al-Khalil province, and kidnapped 22-year-old Palestinian youth Safi al-Titi from his family home.

The occupation forces also ransacked the home of the slain Palestinian protester Khaled Jawabra, in al-Arroub camp, and seized cash from the home of prisoner Nidhal Shahada.

At the same time, the IOF stormed Ramallah’s eastern town of Silwad, in the central West Bank, and ordered three Palestinians, including two ex-prisoners, to turn themselves in to questioning.

Clashes burst out between Israeli troops and Palestinian anti-occupation youth in Silwad shortly afterwards.

(Source / 07.01.2018)

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