FAJ slams Facebook for disabling accounts of Palestinian activists

Facebook & Palestine

The Federation of Arab Journalists (FAJ) has strongly denounced the Facebook management for blocking accounts of Palestinian activists with no convincing reason.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Cairo-based federation condemned such practice as “a blatant infringement on the freedom of opinion and expression, and a reflection of Facebook’s submission to the will of the suppressive Zionist entity.”

The federation called on Facebook to reverse such “arbitrary action,” which undermines the “values of freedom and independence its management claims to adhere to.”

The federation pointed to “the criminal and terrorist acts committed by Israel that require a clear position by Facebook officials.”

“If Facebook justifies its claim by saying that the deleted accounts were practicing incitement, the Federation of Arab Journalist has reviewed the contents of these accounts and found out that they were involved in conveying news and expressing opinions about issues condemning the oppressive Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land.”

(Source / 04.01.2018)

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