Israeli Attorney General refuses to release female prisoner

Haneyya Sharaya not released

Israeli Attorney General on Wednesday refrained from releasing a Palestinian female captive, Haneyya Sharaya, from Balata refugee camp to the east of Nablus city, disregard a court decision that stipulates for her release.

Prisoner Sharaya was arrested one week ago from Salem military court following an altercation between her and a female Israeli soldier who attacked the detainee at court.

The arrested woman was attending along with her son, Walid, the trial for her son, Hassan, who has been arrested for two months.

She was arrested after defending her son, Walid, while being assaulted by an Israeli soldier. Then, she was rounded up along with her son, making the three family members prisoners in Israeli jails.

The mother was brought to court and sentenced to seven days with a fine estimated at 5500 shekels. However, the Attorney General refused to release her in full disregard to serving the sentence period and paying the fine.

The detainee, who is the oldest female prisoner in Israeli jails and suffers from several diseases, was transferred to Ramleh prison. However, she has not been provided with treatment.

(Source / 03.01.2018)

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