Israel approves bill allowing death penalty on Palestinian attackers

Death penalty bill

Israeli Knesset on Wednesday gave a preliminary approval for a bill allowing the death penalty against Palestinian attackers whose anti-occupation operations led to the death of Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Following a heated debate, the bill passed a preliminary reading. The new legislation is sponsored by the far-right party of Israel Our Home (Yisrael Beiteinu), which is part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition.

Under the bill, military and civil courts could sentence to death a person who was convicted of killing, with a simple majority. Israel’s military law already allows the death penalty against Palestinian anti-occupation attackers but only in military court and if the entire judges in the panel reach the decision unanimously.

Israel’s security system has not endorsed the new legislation as an assessment by the Shin Bet security apparatus said that such a penalty might have a counterproductive effect.

(Source / 03.01.2018)

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