Israeli soldiers crack down on Palestinian worshipers in Nablus

Worshipers attacked Nablus

Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday rolled into Nablus’s eastern town of Salem and attacked Palestinian worshipers at a local mosque.

A PIC news correspondent quoted local sources as stating that Israeli patrols broke into Salem town in six military jeeps, prompting fierce clashes with Palestinian locals.

The occupation army attacked Palestinian civilians with randomly-discharged spates of rubber bullets and teargas canisters.

At the same time, heavily-armed Israeli soldiers cracked down on Muslim worshipers and showered the local mosque with teargas grenades.

Director of the Rescue and Emergency Center at the Red Crescent in Nablus, Ahmed Jibreel, said a Palestinian protester sustained bullet wounds in the clashes and was rushed to a hospital. Dozens more choked on teargas.

(Source / 02.01.2018)

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