Cancer-stricken Gazan dies after Israel denies him medical referral

Gazan died of cancer

A 63-year-old Palestinian was pronounced dead in the blockaded Gaza Strip after the Israeli occupation authorities prevented him from receiving life-saving treatment at hospitals in Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 (Israel).

Abdul Fatah al-Sabakhi, from Gaza’s al-Nuseirat camp, succumbed to his cancer disease. Sometime earlier, Sabakhi, a former UNRWA employee, reached a hospital in Palestinian territories occupied in 1948. However, the Israeli authorities barred him from continuing medical therapy, resulting in his death.

Over recent weeks, al-Sabakahi’s health condition had sharply gone down, before he died on Tuesday morning.

Al-Sabakhi is one among hundreds of Gazans who died in the besieged coastal enclave of Gaza after they were denied the right to urgent medical referrals and treatment outside of Gaza’s under-equipped hospitals.

(Source / 27.12.2017)

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