Press Release

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Palestinian Prisoners' families

Press release of the consortium of human rights organization concerning the Israeli harassment of Palestinian Prisoners’ families.

The consortium follows with concern Monday morning’s brutal and inhumane verbal harassment of the families of Palestinian prisoners by Israeli Knesset member, Oren Hazan. His actions constituted both a blatant attack on the prisoners families and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Being an international organization the Red Cross should be exempt from such disrespect.

In the light of this dangerous incident we in the consortium of human rights organization state the following:

1. Full protection should be provided to convoys carrying the families of prisoners from the Gaza Strip from their departure to their safe return to the Gaza Strip. The right of mothers to visit imprisoned sons is, after all, guaranteed under international law.

2. We call upon the international community to compel the Israeli occupation to stop its offensive actions and oblige it to respect international humanitarian law regarding Palestinian prisoners, including the right to secure visits between prisoners and their families.

3. We urge the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to take the necessary measures to ensure that such acts will not be repeated and to ensure the safety of prisoners’ relatives during and after their visit.

4. We ask the Human Rights Council to convene and take the necessary decisions to prevent the recurrence of what happened. In accordance with the immunity given the international community, the occupation should be obliged to sign the documents granting the ICRC headquarters and convoys the diplomatic immunity necessary for their freedom of action.

5. We invite the various media to further interact with the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons as a distinct humanitarian issue.

(Source: Palestine / 26.12.2017)