Over 2300 Israeli violations in November

2300 violations November

A statistical study, issued by Hamas Movement, showed that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) committed 2,321 offensive practices in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem in November.

The Israeli violations included the murder of a Palestinian man by settlers’ gunfire, the injury of 28 others and the arrest of 475 Palestinians including 114 in Occupied Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, Bethlehem and al-Khalil are the cities which were exposed to Israeli attacks the most. They witnessed 372, 335, and 291 Israeli violations respectively.

The offenses also included 830 raids, 188 travel bans, 24 property confiscations, demolition of 18 homes, with half of the number in Occupied Jerusalem. The number also included 22 storming operations into al-Aqsa Mosque carried out by 1,982 settlers in addition to banning two Jerusalemites from accessing the holy site.

(Source / 03.12.2017)

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