Minor among several Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli army

Minor arrested

A number of Palestinians were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at daybreak Monday in abduction sweeps rocking the West Bank.

The IOF stormed Nablus province, in the northern West Bank, and kidnapped two Palestinian young men from their family homes in Madama.

The IOF also stormed Nablus’s eastern town of Ourata and kidnapped 16-year-old Abdul Hafidh Awad after they wreaked havoc on his family home. His uncle, Abdullah, was kidnapped just a few days earlier.

At the same time, Israeli army troops ravaged dozens of Palestinian homes in Qalqilya’s eastern town of Azzoun and cracked down on the inhabitants.

Over recent weeks, Azzoun has been targeted by the occupation forces on a daily basis in the hunt for alleged stone-throwers.

Meanwhile, dozens of Israeli soldiers cordoned off al-Jalama, in Jenin, and kidnapped two Palestinian youths from the Abu Farha family.

The occupation patrols also scoured cultivated land lots in the town and set up ambushes at the crack of dawn.

A set of military checkpoints was pitched by the IOF across the main access roads to Arana and Deir Abu Da’if towns, east of Jenin.

(Source / 27.11.2017)

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