Israel denies Palestinians the right to use emergency shelters

Emergency shelters

Haaretz Hebrew newspaper quoted sources of the Israeli army as saying that Palestinian cities and villages in northern 1948 Occupied Palestine are not provided with emergency shelters.

Haaretz pointed out that the residents of the area along the northern borders with Lebanon, whereas Palestinians constitute 70% of the population, lack real protection. It added that the cities and villages in that area are suffering shortage of security and safety means even in cases of wars or natural disasters.

Israeli Finance Ministry refuted claims made by Israeli Minister of war Avigdor Lieberman last week in which he alleged that he tried in 2016 to uphold a plan to allocate 1.5 billion shekels for providing security in that area up to ten years, and said that the plan, however, remained pending the approval of the ministry.

Heads of local authorities and representative personalities in 1948 Occupied Palestine stated that no single attempt has been made to set maps that would meet the protection needs in that zone.

The Mayor of Sakhnin town in 1948 Occupied Palestine, Mazen Ghanayem, said that “The town has no shelter which is appropriate for the case of war or earthquakes”.

(Source / 27.11.2017)

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