Coalition Official: We Support Arab League’s Decisions to Deter Iran

An official of the Syrian Coalition called on the Arab countries to form an alliance to put an end to the “terrorism Iran is practicing” in the region, urging the League to take “all necessary measures” through the UN Security Council to “curb Iran’s interference.”

“We encourage the formation of an Arab alliance that would form the nucleus of an international coalition aimed at confronting Iran’s plans and terror,” Ahmad Ramadan, Head of the Syrian Coalition’s Media Department, told Anadolu news agency on Monday.

“We should prevent Iran from exploiting the intra-Arab differences,” Ramadan stressed.

In a statement after an extraordinary meeting requested by Saudi Arabia, the Arab foreign ministers said they would ask the Arab Group at the UN to address the UN Security Council over Iran’s interference. They also condemned the Lebanese Hezbollah militia and decided to ban Iranian-funded television channels from Arab satellites.

Ramadan added that “the Syrian Coalition welcomes the adoption of a unified Arab position of the Iranian interventions and Tehran’s attempts to spread chaos and terrorism in the region.”

“The issuance of a statement is not enough. There is a need to take action through the UN Security Council and make the necessary decisions. It should be unacceptable how Iran sponsors transnational terrorism while considering itself above the law without being faced by any deterrent measure at the international level.”

“Iran’s actions in Syria are a stark example of the terrorism being carried out by its militias in the region,” Ramadan added. “Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the Syrian Coalition has been calling on the Arab League to take action against Tehran’s interference and its plans to foment sectarian tensions in the region.”

Ramadan accused Iran of seeking to change the demographic landscape in Syria. “What is happening now is very dangerous. Iran is sponsoring through its arms the process of demographic change by displacing the Syrian people and replacing them with its mercenaries.”

“These plans must sound the alarm bells for all Arab countries. We believe that the latest action by the Arab League is just the beginning that should continue and develop into more serious and firm stances.”

Ramadan went on: “For the Syrian people, Iran is no less dangerous than the tyrannical Assad regime as the crimes Iran is committing in Syria will continue to live on for decades and will not be forgotten.”

Ramadan concluded his remarks by stressing that “the next stage will witness concrete moves to confront the Iranian incursions deep in the Arab world. The Syrian Coalition is seeking to establish a united Syrian front as part of a larger Arab and international alliance to confront the Iranian threat by all possible means.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 22.11.2017)

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