Prisoner Mohammed Duwaikat loses his sight due to medical negligence

Mohammed Duwaikat

Family of the Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Duwaikat, 30, who is a resident of Balata refugee camp in Nablus, on Friday announced that their son has lost his sight and is now staying at Afula hospital.

Mohammed’s father, Sheikh Mazen Duwaikat, said that they were informed by human rights organizations on Friday that Mohammed lost his sight and was transferred to an Israeli hospital after a long delay in providing medical treatment for him.

He added that Mohammed’s mother visited him in prison in October and noticed signs of fatigue appearing on his face despite the fact that he told her that he was in good health.

He also pointed out that the family were supposed to visit Mohammed at Gilboa prison two days ago but the visit was suddenly canceled, so they had to contact human rights organizations to figure out the reason behind this decision but they were informed that Mohammed was transferred to Afula hospital.

Mazen Duwaikat held the Israel Prison Service fully responsible for the deterioration in his son’s health, saying that Mohammed was only having kidney stones when he was arrested a year ago and has never suffered from sight problems.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

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