IOF imposes military restrictions east of Qalqilia

Military restrictions Azzun

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) imposed military restrictions in Azzun town, east of Qalqilia, on Friday evening after a number of settlers were allegedly injured in a Molotov cocktail attack near the town.

Local sources affirmed that IOF closed all entrances to Azzun town and prevented Palestinian movement in both directions.

Tension prevailed in the area as IOF soldiers are expected to break into the town at any moment.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

Medical condition of teenager Karja “very serious”

Izzuddin Karja

The Palestinian Commission for Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs has described the medical condition of 17-year-old Izzuddin Karja, who suffers from bullet injuries, as “very serious and unstable.”

Lawyer for the commission Kareem Ajwa stated on Friday that Karja was put on a ventilator in the intensive care unit of Hadassah Ein Kerem.

Ajwa said that a hearing would be held next Sunday for Karja in absentia at the Israeli military court of Ofer.

Israeli soldiers opened fire at the teenager on a road near the Etzion junction in Bethlehem on Friday morning on allegations of his attempt to carry out a stabbing and car-ramming attack.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

Azzun town under tight IOF siege

Tight siege Azzun

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Saturday imposed a tight siege on Azzun town, east of Qalqilya city in the West Bank, and barred Palestinian citizens from entering or leaving the town.

Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that the IOF shut the swing barrier gate at the main entrance to Azzun town as well as a similar gate on the other side of the town near Ezbet al-Tabib village.

They added that the IOF completely banned Palestinian citizens and vehicles from going in or out.

The IOF also blocked the third entrance to the town, imposed an entry and exit ban, maltreated Palestinian passengers and searched them along with their vehicles.

Last night, violent confrontations occurred between local young men and Israeli soldiers in and around Azzun town.

Settlers’ cars were also attacked with Molotov cocktails during the events.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

US threatens to close PLO office in Washington

Terrorism Politics

The US administration on Saturday threatened to close down the Washington office of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) unless it enters into “serious peace talks with Israel”, Associated Press agency reported.

US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said that the Palestinians have violated an American law which says that the PLO mission must be closed if the Palestinians push the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute Israel for its crimes against the Palestinians.

The Agency quoted an unnamed State Department official as saying that the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, has crossed that line by asking the ICC to investigate Israel’s violations.

He added that based on that law, the US president Donald Trump now has 90 days to decide whether the Palestinians are in “direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel”. If Trump determines they are, the Palestinians can keep the office.

Associated Press said that the US authorities affirmed that they will maintain relations with the Palestinians even if the PLO office closes.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

IOF raids homes in Tell town in Nablus

Storming of Tell

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Saturday stormed Tell town, west of Nablus in the West Bank, and ransacked some homes, with no reported arrests.

According to local sources, Israeli troops aboard several military vehicles spread through the neighborhoods of the town before breaking into and searching two homes belonging to citizens from the family of Ashtiya.

Meanwhile, soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades and opened fire at local young men during clashes with them in the town. Luckily, no one was hurt during the events.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

European medical delegation conducts surgeries in Gaza

European health help

A delegation from the Palestinian Doctors Union in Europe, France branch, on Saturday performed a series of qualitative surgeries in a number of hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

The PIC reporter said that the medical crew conducted surgeries in al-Shifa, Nasser and Indonesian hospitals in Gaza in coordination with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Director of the Gaza office of the Palestinian Doctors Union, Dr. Ahmad Abu Nada, said that the delegation, composed of two doctors named Nizar Badran and Raouf Salati, participated in the seventh conference organized by the faculty of medicine at the Islamic University of Gaza under the title “Health Crisis and Disaster Management in the Gaza Strip”.

The delegation is also scheduled to meet with a group of Palestinian doctors, officials and deans of medical schools in Gaza universities.

The Palestinian Doctors Union in Europe was established in 2008 and it managed to send many medical delegations to the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Palestinian refugee camps in addition to setting up several emergency clinics in the Gaza Strip during the 2014 Israeli aggression.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

Report documents escalation in Israeli violations in Jerusalem

Escalation violations

A Palestinian official report on Saturday said that the first half of November witnessed a serious escalation on different levels in the Israeli violations targeting Occupied Jerusalem and its residents.

A report released by the Palestinian Ministry of Information said that the Israeli government has started the implementation of a demolition plan targeting 6 Palestinian buildings in Kafr Aqab neighborhood.

It also unveiled an Israeli security plan aimed at turning the Old City of Jerusalem into a military zone by establishing a new police unit composed of 200 policemen specifically for al-Aqsa Mosque, deploying security guards in large numbers at permanent checkpoints in the vicinity of Bab al-Amud, and installing 40 new advanced surveillance cameras in the area.

Since the beginning of November, the Israeli police have arrested 41 Palestinians in Jerusalem and issued a deportation order against a guard of al-Aqsa Mosque.

The detainees include 19 children, a journalist, and seven women including a mother and her three children and four teachers.

In a related context, the Israeli authorities knocked down 3 houses, a residential building under construction, several apartments, a shop and two caravans, razed a land, and forced two Palestinian families to demolish their homes with their own hands.

Islamic institutions in Jerusalem warned particularly of the “disastrous” decision to launch a special police unit for al-Aqsa Mosque and considered it a “declaration of war” against all Muslims.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

PA blocks entry of building materials into Gaza via Rafah crossing

Rafah crossing PA and Gaza

Director General of Planning and Policy at the Palestinian Ministry of Economy, Osama Nofal, on Saturday said that the Palestinian Authority (PA) blocked the entry of thousands of tons of building materials into the Gaza Strip via Rafah crossing.

In an exclusive statement to the PIC, Nofal explained that the PA claims that it prevented the entry of these materials because of the lack of readiness by the Rafah crossing administration to examine these items, which he denied categorically.

Nofal affirmed that over the past eight years these materials have been brought into Gaza via Rafah crossing as humanitarian aid without being examined, noting that Israel bans the entry of these items through Kerem Shalom crossing.

He added that the PA plans to impose taxes on these goods that come as humanitarian aid without any taxes imposed on them.

The Palestinian official stressed that preventing the entry of these materials will deprive the Gazan people from real reconstruction opportunities which are already constrained by international and Israeli restrictions.

Nofal expected that there will be an agreement between the PA and the Gazan merchants that provides for imposing certain taxes on the goods as a condition for their entry, which would lead to raising their prices in the local market.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

Euro-Med: Gaza children suffer from food insecurity

Children Gaza food

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has said that the children in the Gaza Strip are suffering from food insecurity and lack of adequate health and educational services as a result of 11 years of ongoing Israeli blockade.

This came in a statement released by the Euro-Med on the occasion of the International Children’s Day, which is observed on November 20.

“What the children of Gaza face is a clear violation of their rights that are guaranteed by international law,” the Monitor stated.

In addition to food insecurity, Israel has escalated the detention of Palestinian children and minors, whose number amounts to more than 150 detainees every month, according to the Monitor.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

Up to 77% of Palestinian children abducted by Israel were blindfolded

MCW: Israeli occupation forces blindfolded Palestinian children to make them obedient when they are investigated

Military Court Watch (MCW) said on Friday that up to 77 per cent of the Palestinian children abducted by Israeli occupation forces in 2017 were blindfolded.

In a report, the NGO pointed out to a UNICEF report issued in 2013, which concluded that “the ill-treatment of children who come in contact with the military abduction appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalised.”

The NGO added: “One of the contributing factors for this conclusion was that almost every child abducted by the Israeli military in the West Bank was blindfolded when he was abducted and remained blindfolded for many hours.”

So that, the UNICEF recommended that “the practice of blindfolding or hooding children should be prohibited in all circumstances.”

As of October 2017, 77 per cent of abducted children continue to report being blindfolded by the military in the occupied West Bank compared with 81 per cent in 2013.

While there are no compelling security reasons for blindfolding children, the practice appears to psychologically weaken abductees prior to interrogation making them more compliant.


More than 400 Palestinian children are currently inside Israeli jails.
Israel has abducted 483 Palestinian children since start of 2017.

Meanwhile, rights groups have several times reported that the Israeli occupation forces harshly beat the Palestinian children when they abduct them.

Abducted Palestinian children, the rights groups said, always locked up in unknown whereabouts for long hours and sometimes for days.

Several Palestinian children suffered different forms sicknesses after they were released from the Israeli abduction.

(Source / 18.11.2017)