European medical delegation conducts surgeries in Gaza

European health help

A delegation from the Palestinian Doctors Union in Europe, France branch, on Saturday performed a series of qualitative surgeries in a number of hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

The PIC reporter said that the medical crew conducted surgeries in al-Shifa, Nasser and Indonesian hospitals in Gaza in coordination with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Director of the Gaza office of the Palestinian Doctors Union, Dr. Ahmad Abu Nada, said that the delegation, composed of two doctors named Nizar Badran and Raouf Salati, participated in the seventh conference organized by the faculty of medicine at the Islamic University of Gaza under the title “Health Crisis and Disaster Management in the Gaza Strip”.

The delegation is also scheduled to meet with a group of Palestinian doctors, officials and deans of medical schools in Gaza universities.

The Palestinian Doctors Union in Europe was established in 2008 and it managed to send many medical delegations to the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Palestinian refugee camps in addition to setting up several emergency clinics in the Gaza Strip during the 2014 Israeli aggression.

(Source / 18.11.2017)

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