Palestinian priosner in critical health condition

Fadi Sarsour critical condition

Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies revealed that a serious deterioration have emerged on the health condition of the Palestinian detainee Fadi Sarsour, 23 from al-Ezeriyah town in Occupied Jerusalem, due to a unknown bite he got in Negev Israeli desert jail on October 24.

The media spokeswoman of the center, Amina al-Tawil, said that prisoner Sarsour started to experience some symptoms after the bite including swelling in the neck, the chest and the limbs. He was taken to the prison clinic where he was diagnosed with unknown allergy.

The prison doctors gave him only painkillers which worsened his health condition. It has dramatically deteriorated in the past few days as he has become unable to breathe normally and got a swelling in the gullet.

After prisoners pressured Israeli Prisons Service (IPS) to move him to a hospital outside jail, he was transferred to Soroka Israeli hospital where he was told that the delay in moving him in worsened his health condition.

Tawil pointed out that captive Sarsour suffered from severe suffocation that could killed him. Doctors said that he was at real risk.

His family has been unable to visit him for three months. He has been detained since November, 29, 2015 and serving a sentence to 30 months.

The family demanded that human rights organizations put pressure on Israeli occupation authorities in order to release their son so that he could receive appropriate treatment outside jail. They held Israel responsible for the life of their imprisoned son.

(Source / 14.11.2017)

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