Israeli army’s Iron Dome battery installed in Gush Dan

Iron Dome

After yesterday’s report that several of Israel’s Iron Dome batteries had been deployed throughout central Israel, it has been released for publication that another such battery has been stationed in Gush Dan area.

The batteries were deployed as part of the Israeli army’s reinforcement efforts following the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s threats in response to the Israeli tunnel strike in Gaza last month.

According to Hebrew sources, Iron Dome batteries that were deployed across central Israel have been stationed in Gush Dan, also known as the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

The Israeli occupation army has also propped up security around the construction work currently being done on the security barrier along the Gaza Strip.

Over recent days, the Israeli army threatened that any response by the Islamic Jihad will be met with a powerful and determined Israeli aggression, not only against the Jihad, but also against Hamas.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad responded to the threats, saying the Israeli threats against its leaders constituted “an act of war,” and vowing to continue to try to carry out a revenge attack against Israel.

The Islamic Jihad said it would not back down on its right to retaliate against Israel for the deadly strike, which took away the lives of 12 members of the group’s militants and of Hamas’s armed wing.

(Source / 14.11.2017)

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