Secret Israeli plan to demolish neighborhood in Kafr Aqeb town

Demolish plan Kafr Aqeb

Israeli authorities intend to demolish a whole neighborhood in Kafr Aqeb town, north of Occupied Jerusalem, where 64,000 Palestinians, who hold the Israeli citizenship, live.

Israeli authorities unveiled a secret plan, tabled by mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, aimed at demolishing six residential towers, each of which consists of 7 floors, in the town which is located outside the Separation Wall.

Hundreds of Palestinian residents in the area will be evacuated from their homes, according to Israeli TV Channel Kan. The channel confirmed that the demolition will be completed with disregard to the expected implications following the demolition.

The channel pointed out that explosives would be used to raze the buildings, adding that a mosque in the area could collapse as a result of the powerful blasts.

The municipality claims that the demolition will be conducted at the pretext of unlicensed construction.

(Source / 13.11.2017)

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