Israelis forward bill to quell funerals of anti-occupation protesters

Bill about bodys

Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan is set to propose a law that will allow police not to return the bodies of slain Palestinians to their families.

According to Hebrew news sources, the law would allow Israeli police to rule against returning bodies of anti-occupation attackers to their families if the funeral is likely to turn into a mass demonstration, or “if incitement against Israelis will be featured.”

Commenting on the proposal, Erdan claimed that funerals for anti-occupation protesters have turned into “festivals of incitement” that promote further attacks.
Erdan added that Palestinians whose bodies have been withheld by the Israeli authorities will be buried only if families adhere to the conditions set by police.

The Israeli occupation authorities have withheld the bodies of dozens of Palestinian protesters killed by the Israeli forces following alleged anti-occupation attacks. Their families have also been made to endure tough punitive measures. Ironically, the new law would allow Israeli police to decide if families could be trusted not to turn funerals into riots.

(Source / 12.11.2017)

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