Barghouthi: Restructuring PLO, holding elections key priorities

Al-Barghouthi PLO

Head of the Palestinian National Initiative (PNI) Mustafa al-Barghouthi called for restructuring the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and democratizing national politics in the face of the Israeli occupation.

In comments made at a seminar on Palestinian politics staged on Saturday by the Istanbul-based Vision Center for Political Development, Barghouthi accentuated the need for restructuring the PLO and opt for a joint national front that embraces all Palestinians regardless of their partisan affiliations.

“It is high time we revitalized the PLO as the organization has gone almost inoperative and failed to take up many of its allotted missions,” he added.

Barghouthi also stressed the need to adopt a unified resistance toolbox and political strategies to stage-manage the anti-occupation struggle.

The Palestinian leader highlighted the importance of political pluralism and the peaceful transfer of power. He pushed for activating the Palestinian Legislative Council and for holding elections every four years.

Barghouthi urged the Palestinian factions to team throughout the national liberation struggle, work together to fix an election date, and appoint a body to speak up for the Palestinian refugee community overseas.

(Source / 12.11.2017)

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