Demonstration in Deir al-Hatab against PA kidnapping of lawyer Hussein

Demonstration against PA

Hundreds of Palestinians in Deir al-Hatab town, east of Nablus city, participated in a demonstration that kicked off after Friday prayer in protest at kidnapping lawyer Mohammad Hussein by the Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces.

The PIC reporter said that the protest march is considered the biggest since the breakout of tension in Deir al-Hatab following the PA’s decision to establish a wastewater treatment plant near the town and arresting and assaulting lawyer Hussein, who is a member of Deir al-Hatab’s council, at the hands of PA security forces.

(Source / 10.11.2017)

Hamas leader prisoner starts open hunger strike

Bajes Nakhleh Hamas

The detained Hamas leader, Bajes Nakhleh, started an open hunger strike in protest at re-arresting him by Israeli Occupation Forces last Wednesday.

Detainees and Ex-detainees Committee revealed that captive Nakhleh, 52 years old from Ramallah, began hunger striking since day one of his arrest. He has been held in Etzion detention center.

Prisoner Nakhleh spent 19 years of imprisonment in Israeli jails and served several years under the illegal administrative detention. He was released months ago before being re-arrested.

One of his sons is also held captive in the Israeli Ofer jail under custody, the Committee pointed out.

(Source / 10.11.2017)

Zaki: Any talk about disarming the resistance is forbidden

Abbas Zaki Fatah

Senior Fatah official Abbas Zaki has called for protecting the armed resistance against the Israeli occupation, condemning those who seek to disarm the resistance as “antinational and without identity.”

“The weapon of the resistance is clean and must be protected, and every day we become more trained and stronger because we are not like sheep offered for slaughter. Those who want to harm the armed resistance cannot be patriotic and their identity is questionable,” Zaki told a local radio program on Thursday.

“We are not slaves and we will not disarm, and any talk about the issue of armed resistance is forbidden,” the Fatah official underlined, affirming that the military wing of Fatah in Gaza would be reactivated and armed again.

He stressed that the Palestinian government has no right to take decisions on the major national files or demand the resistance to disarm.

Zaki made his remarks one day after Palestinian police chief Hazem Atallah demanded Hamas to disarm its armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades, claiming that such step would contribute to the success of the national reconciliation.

(Source / 10.11.2017)

Bahar: We are committed to armed resistance

Bahar about armed resistance

First Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmad Bahar, on Friday affirmed that Hamas will remain committed to armed resistance.

During his Friday sermon in Gaza city, Bahar said that armed resistance is a right guaranteed by international laws, pointing out that the reason behind the decade-long blockade and the electricity crisis plaguing Gaza is its “adherence to resistance”.

Bahar expressed Hamas’s keenness on achieving reconciliation and ending the division and called on the Muslim and Arab nations to shoulder their responsibilities toward the Palestinian cause.

He warned the Israeli occupation against continuing its crimes and violations in the West Bank and Jerusalem and asked the Palestinian factions to adopt a unified strategy based on resistance not negotiations which were proved to be a failure. “The Israeli occupation understands only the language of force,” he added.

(Source / 10.11.2017)

IOF arrests Palestinian youth in Nablus

Youth Nablus arrested

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Friday evening arrested a Palestinian young man in Beit Furik town to the east of Nablus.

Local sources told the PIC reporter that several IOF jeeps broke into al-Nasasra neighborhood in the town and were met with stones thrown by the Palestinian citizens who were then attacked with sound bombs.

They reported that the IOF soldiers arrested the Palestinian youth Mohammed Malitat from his house before they withdrew from the town.

(Source / 10.11.2017)