Woman, her brother among several Palestinians kidnapped by IOF

Woman and brother arrested

Several Palestinians were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at daybreak Monday in abduction sweeps rocking the West Bank.

Reporting from Tulkarem, a PIC news correspondent said three Palestinians were kidnapped by the IOF from their family homes in the city, shortly after the latter broke into the area and ravaged civilian homes.

The list of detainees included 50-year-old Iyad Jarad and 16-year-old Mohamed Abu Saqafa, the son of the slain Palestinian activist Muhannad Abu Saqafa.

At the same time, Palestinian woman Zeinat Halaykah, 50, and her brother, Ali, were kidnapped by the occupation soldiers from their family homes in al-Shoyoukh town, in al-Khalil, her husband, Adel, told PIC.

The IOF also wreaked havoc on Halayka’s family homes and seized two mobile phones and cash.

Mrs. Halayka is mother of five children. Her other brother, Hamza, is serving a 17-year-sentence in Israeli jails.

Meanwhile, the IOF soldiers rolled into Jenin’s western town of Yamon in army jeeps at the crack of dawn and rummaged into Palestinian homes. A series of ambushes was set up by the occupation soldiers in the assault.

Clashes further burst out in Ramallah’s northwestern town of Beit Rima after Israeli army troops showed up in the area and searched civilian homes. A round of clashes was also spotted in Bethlehem’s refugee camp of al-Azza.

(Source / 06.11.2017)

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