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FSA Breaks Siege of Beit Jinn but Later Retreats as Israeli Forces Intervene on Assad Militias’ Side

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups on Friday announced they managed to break the siege regime forces imposed on the town of Beit Jinn in western Ghouta in Rural Damascus. FSA groups launched on offensive dubbed ‘Breaking the Siege of Hermon’ to link Beit Jinn to Quneitra province but were forced to retreat after Israeli forces intervened on the side of pro-Assad militias.

The FSA’s Mount Hermon operations room said that the offensive came in response to the fierce campaign being launched by the Assad regime forces and their allied foreign militias in the farmlands surrounding of the town of Beit Jinn and the nearby villages. Regime forces have been shelling the area and residential neighborhoods in attempts to make gains on the round.

The FSA groups announced they would continue military action against Assad forces until the siege imposed on the area is lifted and detainees are released. They called on other FSA groups to join them and to ignore international pressure being put on these groups.

Activists in rural Quneitra said that the Israeli occupation forces targeted the reinforcements the Free Syrian Army groups sent to the border strip of land in southwestern Syria. They pointed out that the bombing came in response to calls for help by pro-Assad militias in the town of Hadar to relieve them of the FSA army attack. The Israeli occupation forces opened the border and supplied the pro-Assad militias in Hadar with arms and ammunition, thus enabling regime forces to regain control of the areas they lost to the FSA fighters.

Assad regime forces and the Hezbollah militia have laid siege on villages and towns of the western Rural Damascus for around 10 months. The besieged area has been subjected to violent shelling by barrel bombs and rockets amid daily attempts by regime forces to advance on the area.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Agencies / 05.11.2017)

Union launches its new official website, marking #Balfour100

المَوقع الرّسمي – إتحاد الجاليات والمؤسسات الفلسطينية في أوروبا

Dr. Fawzi Ismail: We want a media platform for our people and a strong voice to confront the Zionist movement

Brussels – The General Secretariat of the Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions – Europe announced the launch of its official website as it marked the centennial of the infamous Balfour Declaration, in affirmation that this crime will not be erased from the memory of the Palestinian people in Palestine and in exile, including Palestinian communities in Europe.

The Union emphsized that it will continue to work to develop its media capacities on various levels to make the new site a national platform reflecting the views and perspectives of the Union and its political, social and cultural mission. The site will also reflect ongoing activities and events of the Palestinian community and a voice to challenge the Zionist movement in Europe.

The Union issued a public statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which said:

“Britain must be held accountable today for the Balfour Declaration, as a prerequisite for the freedom of Palestine. Britain’s insistence on celebrating the centenary of the Balfour Declaration rather than admitting its guilt and apologizing to the Palestinian people reflects its imperial arrogance.”

The statement continued, “We, Palestinians in diaspora and Palestinian refugees in Europe and all over the world, will not recognize the illegitimate theft of the land of Palestine or the institutions created through its expropriation. We will not recognize its legitimacy or normalize it. We will continue to escalate our efforts to boycott Israel in all of our countries of residence at all levels – economic, political, military, diplomatic and cultural – and we will struggle to establish a free Palestine and the return of rights and the land to their true owners, the Palestinian people.”

The President of the Union’s General Secretariat, Dr. Fawzi Ismail, thanked the volunteers who created the new website, noting that it is beginning with three languages: Arabic, English and Italian, and that more will be added in the coming weeks.

Union of Palestinian Communities and Institutions – Europe
4 November 2017

(Source / 05.11.2017)

Israeli police to intensify presence across Jerusalem’s Old City

More police Jerusalem Old City

Israel’s Internal Security Minister, Gilad Erdan, announced his intent to tighten military grip on Jerusalem’s Old City so as to quell projected anti-occupation attacks.

According to a Saturday report by Israel’s Channel 10, a plan forwarded by Erdan aims to tighten the noose around Palestinians’ neck in Bab al-Amoud and the Old City, in Occupied Jerusalem, by multiplying checkpoints across the area.

Israeli border police troops will reportedly be deployed around the Old City and Bab al-Amoud and 40 smart security cameras will be installed across the area to keep tabs on Palestinians’ movement.

The measures are slated to be put into operation by next month.

(Source / 05.11.2017)

Israeli army bans Palestinians from entering their lands in Qaryout

Banned from own land Qaryout

The Israeli occupation forces on Sunday morning prevented Palestinian farmers from reaching their cultivated land tracts in Nablus’s southern town of Qaryout.

Speaking with a PIC news correspondent, activist Bashar al-Qaryouti said the occupation soldiers forced Palestinian farmers out of their lands in al-Khawaneg area, adjacent to Eli settlement outpost, and prevented them from picking olives.

The occupation soldiers subjected the farmers to exhaustive inspection under the security pretext.

The Israeli forces also banned all members of the slain Palestinian activist Mohamed Zaghlawan from entering their farmlands, without prior notifications.

(Source / 05.11.2017)

15-year-old child among 7 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli army

15-y boy arrested

A number of Palestinians were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces in an abduction sweep launched across the West Bank at daybreak Sunday.

The Israeli army kidnapped seven Palestinians from their homes in the occupied West Bank.

The occupation army claimed responsibility for the abduction of the seven “wanted” Palestinians on allegations of involvement in anti-occupation protests.

The Israeli troops also seized thousands of shekels from Palestinian homes in Jenin claiming the seized sum was about to be funneled to anti-occupation organizations.

The Israeli forces kidnapped five Palestinians and ransacked civilian homes shortly after they broke into al-Khalil’s northern town of Beit Ummar and Nablus’s eastern refugee camp of Balata.

Several Palestinians choked on teargas during clashes that flared up shortly afterwards with the heavily-armed occupation soldiers. A number of protesters received field treatment.

The list of arrestees included 15-year-old Ahmed Alkam. Others were summoned to questioning in the assault.

Sounds of randomly-discharged grenades were also heard in the vicinity of Balata camp.

At the same time, the Israeli army troops summoned the Palestinian citizen Wael Kaabi and his son Nidhal to questioning at an intelligence office in Hawara.

(Source / 05.11.2017)

Palestinian kidnapped by Israeli soldiers for alleged knife possession

Youth arrested ramming car

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at noontime Sunday kidnapped a Palestinian youth near Dotan settlement, south of Jenin province, on claims that he was carrying a knife.

Hebrew-speaking media outlets said an Israeli military patrol kidnapped a Palestinian young man near the main entrance to Dotan settlement after they searched him and found out that he was holding a knife.

The arrestee was dragged to an Israeli detention center pending intensive questioning.

Israeli army patrols have been deployed around Dotan settlement and the access road to Yabad town, where Palestinian civilians have been made to endure exhaustive inspection.

(Source / 05.11.2017)

Israeli police accuse Palestinian of attempting car-ramming attack

Attack car-ramming

The Israeli authorities on Sunday accused a Palestinian resident of Ramallah city of attempting a car-ramming attack in October near Tel Aviv in the 1948 occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israeli police said in a statement that investigations have been concluded into the case of Mohammed Safran, 40, who tried to ram Israeli soldiers on 19th October in Rishon LeZion area to the south of Tel Aviv.

They claimed that Safran, who did not have a driver’s license, stole a truck from Holon city to carry out the planned attack.

The Israeli statement noted that Safran tried to escape and was chased by the police before his arrest, adding that he admitted during interrogation to his plan to carry out a vehicular attack for “nationalistic motives”.

(Source / 05.11.2017)