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Egypt: Osama Morsi jailed for 3 years

Osama Mohamed Morsi, the son of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi is seen during the trial over the breaking up the Rabaa Al-Adawiyyah protests, at the police academy in Cairo, Egypt on December 10, 2016 [Moustafa Elshemy / Anadolu Agency]

Osama Mohamed Morsi, the son of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi is seen during the trial over the breaking up the Rabaa Al-Adawiyyah protests, at the police academy in Cairo, Egypt on December 10, 2016

A court in Egypt has sentenced ousted President Mohamed Morsi’s son to three years in prison over accusations that he allegedly possessed weapons at the time of his arrest in 2016.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s lawyer Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maqsoud told journalists that the ruling against Osama Morsi is not final and that he will appeal it.

No evidence was submitted to support the charges except for the alleged eyewitness accounts of the police offers who arrested him at his home 10 months ago, Abdel-Maqsoud added.

Osama was arrested on 16 December on charges of violence related to the dispersal of the Rabaa protest sit-in, which was set up in 2013 after Morsi was ousted in a military coup by current President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

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After Osama’s arrest, prosecutors referred him to trial on the charge of possessing weapons.

Activists in the Muslim Brotherhood group believe that the ruling is politically motivated and that the lawsuit comes in the context of a wave of politicised rulings against the former president’s family as well as his supporters.

(Source  / 27.10.2017)

Israeli forces detain Gazan on his way to receive medical treatment in Jordan

Abu Lihyeh

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained an ill Palestinian while passing through the Erez crossing from the northern Gaza Strip into Israel late Wednesday night, while on his way to Jordan for medical treatment.

Palestinian legal sources told Ma’an that Israeli forces detained Abd al-Rahman Abu Lihyeh, 27, from the southern Gaza Strip town of al-Qarara while on his way to the Jordanian capital of Amman to received medical treatment.
Abd al-Rahman’s father was escorting him through the checkpoint but was sent back.
It remained unclear why he was detained.
(Source / 27.10.2017)

Palestinian teen accused of attempted stabbing attack released from detention

Haitham Jaradat released

Haitham Jaradat

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities on Thursday released a Palestinian teen from detention after more than a month over an alleged stabbing attack in September in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron.

Ihab al-Ghaith, a lawyer from the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs said in a statement that Israel’s Ofer military court decided to release wounded teen prisoner Haitham Jaradat, 14 — previously reported to be 15 — after he spent 58 days in detention between the Shaare Tzedek Hospital and al-Ramla jail clinic.
Jaradat, a resident of the Hebron-area town of Sair, was shot and injured by Israeli forces after he allegedly ran toward a group of Israeli settlers at a bus stop with a knife.
Al-Ghaith said that Jaradat was shot in his back with a bullet that exited his body through his stomach. The teen underwent surgery at the Shaare Tzedek Hospital after his detention.
Al-Ghaith also pointed out that the teen was constantly handcuffed and cuffed by his feet to his hospital bed, and that a fine of 2,000 shekels ($564) was also imposed on Jaradat upon his release.
Dozens of Palestinians have been arrested, injured, and killed by Israeli forces for alleged stabbing attacks. Those, including minors, who were not killed have routinely been sentenced with serious jail time.
In Jaradat’s case, a video was released of the incident showing an Israeli officer asking Jaradat what he was doing in the area, with the teen replying that he came in order to commit suicide.
“Why?” the officer asked him, but Jaradat only replied that he wanted water. The officer asked him if he had come to the area to commit an attack. The boy did not answer and instead continued to ask for water.
The video had prompted some to comment that the teen was attempting suicide, rather than actually seeking to commit an attack on Israelis.
Since Palestinians are almost always killed by Israeli forces during attacks, there has been rising suspicion that some Palestinian youth, facing extreme hopelessness from years living under a brutal military occupation or experiencing problems at home, decide to carry knives and approach Israeli soldiers with the knowledge that they will be shot to death.
Israeli forces routinely shoot Palestinians, oftentimes killing them, during actual or alleged attacks on Israelis, even if the Palestinian could be detained through nonlethal means. This Israeli practice has prompted rights groups to accuse Israel of carrying out “extrajudicial executions” on Palestinians.
(Source / 27.10.2017)

Army Attacks The Weekly Procession In Kufur Qaddoum

27 OCT
4:00 PM

Israeli soldiers invaded, Friday, the village of Kufur Qaddoum, near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, and attacked the weekly procession that was held by locals, accompanied by Israeli and international peace activists.

Morad Eshteiwi, the coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall and Colonies in Kufur Qaddoum, said the soldiers resorted to excessive force, and fired many rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs and concussion grenades.

Eshteiwi added that the soldiers chased many protesters, who were marching towards the Annexation Wall and the isolated orchards, and invaded the village. The Israeli attack did not lead to any injuries and abductions.

Kufur Qaddoum residents have been holding weekly protests against the illegal annexation of their lands, the Wall and colonies, in addition to the ongoing closure of the village’s main road, which was blockaded by the military more than 14 years ago, to provide easy access to colonists, driving to and from the illegal Kidumim colony, which was built on illegally-confiscated Palestinian lands.

(Source / 27.10.2017)

Israeli Companies Added to UN’s Settlement Black List

27 OCT
7:46 AM

130 Israeli companies and 60 international companies operating in Israel have received warning letters signed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zaid bin Ra’ad al-Hussein where they were warned against the possibility of including them in the UN “blacklist”, that includes companies operating in illegal settlements built on the occupied West Bank, which violate international law and are contrary to United Nations resolutions.

The blacklist includes 25 well-known Israeli companies, some of them working in the field of food, and others in the provision of services, the production of medicines, and even some in hi-tech. Those companies share the fact that they are active in the illegal settlements and in occupied Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley.

The settlement blacklist of 25 firms published by Israeli paper includes Israel Aerospace Industries, telecom giants, international tech firms, banks, and even cafes. The companies include: Ahava, Dor Alon, Amisragas, Angel Bakeries, Arison Investments, Ashdar, Cafe Café, Clal Industries, Cellcom, Danya Cebus, Electra, HP, HOT, Israel Aerospace Industries, Matrix systems, Motorola,  Nesher. Partner, Paz,  Rami Levy, Remax, Shikun & Binui (Housing & Construction Holding Company), Shufersal, Bank Leumi, Sonol.

These companies are working on how to respond to the warning messages, and some of them threaten to launch a counter-attack under the pretext that the inclusion in the list may harm them economically, and affects their reputation. Some companies are also considering filing lawsuits against the United Nations commissioner and the UN Human Rights Council.

The report noted, according to the PNN, that Israel and the United States have been working behind the scenes in recent weeks to prevent the publication of the black list, but it is estimated that the list is already complete.

Although there are no effective or judicial aspects of the blacklist, it is a concern for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, as it is a support for the BDS efforts, like discouraging foreign investors, and pushing foreign companies to reduce their business in the region. Senior Israeli officials said the Israeli fear of divestment or scaled-down business due to the blacklist is already becoming a reality. The Economy Ministry’s Office of Strategic Affairs has received information regarding a number of letter-receiving companies that have responded to the human rights commissioner by saying they do not intend to renew contracts or sign new ones in Israel., according to Haaretz.

An Israeli official warned that the black list could push investment companies or pension funds with shares in different companies to refuse to invest with those listed, which could eventually lead to economic damage to Israel.

AIPAC, a pro-Israel organization in the United States, has been working in recent weeks to push for a quick congressional bill that states that every company that reports on its work with Israel is subject to Arab boycotts, thereby committing a criminal offense under US law.

(Source / 27.10.2017)

Turkish Delegation to Syrian Coalition: We Support Negotiations Process to Reach Complete Political Transition in Syria

The Syrian Coalition urged Turkey, as a guarantor of the “de-escalation zones” agreement to step up efforts to stop attacks by the Russian and Iranian forces on Syrian civilians in Deir Ezzor, rural Aleppo, eastern Ghouta and western Ghouta in the Damascus suburbs.

The remarks were made at a meeting between the Coalition’s political committee and a delegation from the Turkish foreign ministry which included Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister Sedat Ünal and the Turkish official in charge of the Syrian file Ayşe Can Karabetri.

The Turkish delegation pointed out that Turkey seeks to ensure protection for Syrian civilians, release detainees, lift the sieges, and maintain calm in Idlib through the upcoming Astana meeting.

The delegation reaffirmed Turkey’s full support for the Coalition and the opposition High Negotiations Committee in the upcoming round of talks in Geneva. It stressed the importance the opposition uniting behind the guiding principles of the revolution that would help reach a full political transition in Syria.

The Turkish delegation also stressed the importance of cooperation between Turkey and the Coalition and its institutions, especially the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) inside the Syrian territory. It pointed out that Turkey’s role in Idlib is to establish military points to monitor the “de-escalation zones” agreement as it stressed the importance of cooperation with the Coalition and the Free Syrian Army.

For its part, the Coalition’s political committee underscored the importance of the transfer of the management of the border crossings to SIG as a key step to strengthen the government’s supervision of the sovereign files in the liberated areas. The committee called on Turkey to intervene to ensure an end to bombing of civilians by Russia and Assad’s allied militias and the release of detainees in the prisons of the Assad regime.

The committee stressed that the Coalition continues to implement the necessary reforms to activate the work of its departments and institutions and to enhance its presence inside Syria. The committee previously held a meeting inside Syria and seeks to hold further similar meetings to reach out to local bodies and councils and offer services to the civilian population in the liberated areas.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 27.10.2017)

Maliki threatens to sue Britain for marking Balfour declaration

Theresa Balfour May

Palestinian minister of foreign affairs Riyadh al-Maliki has threatened to take legal action against Britain over its intent to mark the centennial of the Balfour declaration, which led to the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) and the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

In remarks to the Palestinian radio, Maliki strongly denounced the British government for its blatant insistence on celebrating the catastrophic Balfour declaration instead of responding to Palestinian demands for apology.

“The British position openly defies the opinion of its own people, the international community and Palestine, and reflects real indifference to Britain’s historical responsibility for the crime it had committed one hundred years ago,” he said.

The minister said the Palestinian Authority would study the possibility of filing lawsuits against the British government with British or European courts over the crimes it had committed against the Palestinian people.

Ignoring widespread calls for apology, UK premier Theresa May told the House of Commons last Wednesday that her country would celebrate “with pride” its role in the creation of Israel and the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Balfour declaration.

(Source / 27.10.2017)

Israeli military force comes under fire in Ya’bad town

Zio's under fire

Palestinian gunmen, believed to be from the resistance, at dawn Friday opened fire at an Israeli military force near Ya’bad town, south of Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

According to Israel’s army radio, troops aboard military vehicles came under gunfire attack as they were leaving Ya’bad town.

The radio said the troops, in turn, responded to the source of fire, without stating if a manhunt for the shooters was launched following the incident.

It claimed the attack did not hurt anyone or cause damage to the military vehicles.

(Source / 27.10.2017)

Hamas: Targeting Abu Naim, coward action targets security in Gaza

Targeting Abu Naim

Hamas Movement perceived targeting head of its security forces Major General Tawfik Abu Naim as a coward action that targeted security in Gaza.

The spokesman of the Movement, Fawzi Barhoum, stressed in a statement on Friday that the assassination attempt was aimed at hitting the Palestinian national unity and interests besides the stability and security of Gaza.

He asked the Palestinian Interior Ministry along with the factions to prosecute the criminals and hold them accountable.

Major General Tawfik Abu Naim was lightly wounded as a result of a failed assassination attempt. His car was blown up at the entrance to Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Iyad al-Bazem, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior and National Security affirmed that Major General Abu Naim survived the attack and has been receiving treatment at hospital.

Bazem explained that Hamas security forces immediately began their investigations to find out the circumstances of the incident and to reach the perpetrators.

(Source / 27.10.2017)

PA forces attest nine citizens over political reasons

Including ex-prisoners

PA arrested political ex-prisoners

PA security forces detained, during the past two days, nine Palestinian citizens including ex-prisoners over their political affiliation.

In Jenin, PA Preventive Security Service (PPS) rounded up the director of the Zakat Committee in the city Ahmad Salatneh and his deputy Ibrahim Jabr from their offices in the committee headquarters.

The ex-prisoner Rami Sharida was also detained while receiving the ex-prisoner Fazaa Sawafda after his release from Israeli jails at Salam refugee camp.

Along the same line, the political prisoner Misra Afaneh declared hunger strike in PA prisons in protest against his continued detention for 23 days without charge.

PPS also arrested, two days ago, a young man from his workplace in Salfit, while detaining another youngster in Ramallah.

Two more arrests were carried out in Bethlehem including an ex-prisoner, while two other ex-prisoners were detained in al-Khalil.

Meanwhile, the ex-prisoner Shadi Namura is continued to be held for 155 days in Jericho prison although a court order for his release.

(Source / 27.10.2017)