Palestinian volunteers help farmers harvest olives in Zububa town

Volunteers Zububa

A group of Palestinian young volunteers participated in an olive harvest campaign launched on Friday in Zububa town, which is located near Israel’s separation wall and Salem military base, west of Jenin city in the occupied West Bank.

The campaign was organized by the Green Life Association under the slogan “Our olive is our identity” with the aim of supporting local farmers and strengthening their steadfastness in the face of Israeli violations.

Town chief Imad Jaradat stressed, in press remarks, the importance of continuing to stage such voluntary activities to help Palestinian farmers harvest their olive crops and uphold their lands in all areas affected by the separation wall and threatened with annexation.

Jaradat said that Zububa, in particular, is greatly afflicted by Israel’s separation wall, which is strangling it from three sides and isolating vast tracts of its land.


(Source / 21.10.2017)

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