Yousef: Continuing punitive measures against Gaza unjustified

Esam Yousef

Esam Yousef, head of the Popular International Committee to Support Gaza, called for accelerating the process of lifting the punitive measures against Gaza Strip. He stressed that it is unjustified especially after signing the Palestinian reconciliation agreement under Egyptian supervision in Cairo.

In a press statement on Friday, Yousef stressed the need to urgently and practically implement the agreement’s provisions especially those that would lead to alleviating the current crises in the blockaded Gaza Strip. These crises affect over 2 million Palestinians in Gaza who have been suffering from the decade-long Israeli siege as well as the implications of the internal division, he highlighted.

Procrastination in the implementation process of some of the procedures and moves of the reconciliation deal raises suspicions on the intentions of some parties who do not want to accomplish the reconciliation, Yousef said.

(Source / 20.10.2017)

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