Seif Urges Protection of Land Registry Records in Raqqa in Letter to UNSG Antonio Guterres

President of the Syrian Coalition Riad Seif sent a memorandum to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and to representatives of friendly countries urging protection of the records of Raqqa’s City Council and the land registry records in the city.

Seif stressed the need to protect the land registry records in the city of Raqqa. “The Syrian Coalition stresses the need to make every possible effort to protect the warehouses where such documents, records and documents are kept and to direct your military forces in accordance with your legal, political and moral responsibilities.”

The Coalition said that all countries participating in the international anti-ISIS coalition forces bear full legal responsibility for the safety of these records. It also said that these countries bear responsibility for the actions of the forces they support and that currently control the area, whether forces of the so-called Manbij Military Council or the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, or any other forces that are backed by the international coalition.

The Coalition emphasized it was “ready to provide a team to follow up on the issue and provide any information that ensures that these records are protected and transferred to a safe place as soon as possible.”

Seif made it clear that such measures are needed to prevent further losses and administrative chaos as well as to protect what remained of the Syrians’ rights in the province of Raqqa in general and the city of Raqqa in particular.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 11.10.2017)

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