Resheq: Hamas keen on making national reconciliation come true

Ezzet Resheq

Hamas political bureau member Ezzet Resheq stressed his group’s deep commitment to boost national reconciliation.

As talks between Hamas and Fatah have been under full swing in Cairo, Resheq said: “We are gathering today in Cairo hoping to draw up a road map to guide all the Palestinians through the reconciliation road and onboard a ship traveling toward a shared destination: liberation and return to our motherland.”

“In partnership with our brothers and sisters, we will make our people’s dream come true. Consensus and unity are our strategic choice to make steps forward in the anti-occupation struggle and restore our infringed rights,” added Resheq.

A round of reconciliation talks between the Palestinian Fatah and Hamas movements has kicked off in Cairo so as to seek ways to implement reconciliation agreements on the ground.

(Source / 10.10.2017)

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