Alarms sounded over health of Palestinian boy in Israeli jail

Anas Hamarsha Health

The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies (PPCS) sounded distress signals over the exacerbated health status of 17-year-old Anas Hamarsha, diagnosed with a life-threatening disease in Israeli jails.

PPCS warned that Hamarsha risks to go quadriplegic due to a rare disease infecting his body. The boy needs regular medical checks and therapy. His condition has taken a turn for the worse in Israeli detention.

The minor was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces just a few days ago and transferred to the Jalama lock-up. He has had his remand extended for 11 more days and has been made to endure intensive questioning on allegations of throwing Molotov cocktails on Israeli army patrols.

PPCS held the Israeli occupation authorities responsible for the life of Hamarsha, who, it said, cannot stand on his feet as a result of the disease.

The center urged all international human rights bodies to take serious action so as to save Hamarsha before it is too late.

(Source / 10.10.2017)

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