24 Palestinians Killed in Syria last month

Palestinians killed in Syria

The Action Group for the Palestinians in Syria (AGPS) said on Tuesday that 24 Palestinian refugees were killed in Syria during September due to the civil war that has been ongoing since 2011.

A report published by the AGPS pointed out that 43 victims were documented in the same period last year.

The report showed that seven refugees were killed in Raqqa, five in Al-Shoula area, while five others were killed in other unknown places. Two other refugees were found dead in Yarmouk refugee camp, while two others died in the Hama suburbs. Two more people were killed in Yelda and one person in Jobar.

The AGPS is a London-based group that was founded in 2012 through a collective initiative by Palestinian and Arab figures.

The group follows up and documents the violations against the Palestinians of Syria, according to its official website.

According to UN estimates, 450,000 Palestinian refugees still live in Syria, 95% of whom are in dire need of urgent assistance.

(Source / 10.10.2017)

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