Rights Group: Assad Regime’s Violations of UN Resolutions & Killing of Civilians Continue Unabated

An independent rights group confirmed that the Assad regime continues to violate international resolutions by dropping barrel bombs on residential areas and causing civilian casualties.

In a new report released on Sunday, the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said that it documented no fewer than 216 barrel bombs attacks by the Assad regime during the month of September. The report indicated that the majority of these attacks took place in the provinces of Rural Damascus, Hama, and Deir Ezzor.

The Network pointed out that the attacks claimed the lives of eight civilians, including five children and three women. The latest attacks brought the total number of barrel bomb attacks to 4,784 since the beginning of 2017.

These figures indicated a “systematic and widespread” use of this type of weapons, the monitoring group said. It stressed that the Assad regime unquestionably violated UN Security Council resolution 2139 as well as Article 7 of the Rome Statute through the crime of murder.

The Network underscored that all these acts “constitute crimes against humanity and violate many provisions of international humanitarian law.”

SNHR concluded its report by calling on the UN Security Council to ensure complete implementation of its resolutions which have become “not worth the paper they are written on. It stressed that the Un Security Council “has lost all of its credibility and purpose.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 09.10.2017)

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