Israel frees Palestinian women’s activist after 3 months detention without trial

Image of Khitam Al-Saafin (L) head of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees [ISM Palestine‏/Twitter]

Image of Khitam Al-Saafin (L) head of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees

Israeli occupation forces have released a leading Palestinian women’s activist after three months detention without charge or trial.

Khitam Saafin was detained in a pre-dawn raid on 2 July, and received a three-month administrative detention order. She was released on Sunday.

Saafin, 53, is president of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committee and has participated in international events such the World Social Forum.

She was detained the same night that Israeli occupation forces also detained Palestinian parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar, who received a six-month administrative detention order.

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According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, some 450 Palestinians are currently placed under administrative detention, including five women, one child and nine parliamentarians.

“This practice of arbitrary detention is a grave violation of international laws and human rights standards,” Addameer states, “particularly articles 78 and 72 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which state that an accused individual has the right to defend himself.”

(Source / 03.10.2017)

Palestinian Journalists Demand Decisive Action on Israeli Violations

03 OCT
5:02 AM

The Palestinian Journalists Forum denounced the recent escalation in Israel’s egregious violations of international law, against them in the West Bank.

Israeli forces detained, in the early hours of Monday, Al-Aqsa channel correspondents Alaa Tetti, from northern Hebron, and Ameer Abu A’raam, from Birzeit, after breaking into and ransacking their homes.

Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency notes that Alaa Tetti was subjected, several times, to detention in Israeli prisons. Ofar Israeli military court sentenced journalist Mustafa Khawaja to eight months in jail, in addition to imposing a $900 fine.

Israeli soldiers assaulted journalist Rae’d Abu Rmeelah in the wake of a Sunday raid in Hebron, while abducting journalist Mohammed Awad.

The Palestinian Journalists Seminar underscored the right of Palestinian journalists to cover the events and show the truth despite Israel’s illegal practices.

It also called upon international human bodies and activists to shoulder responsibility in providing protection for journalists and mass media in the Palestinian territories.

(Source / 03.10.2017)

SNHR: Nearly 1,000 Civilians Were Killed in Assad Regime & Russian Airstrikes in September

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said that it had documented the deaths of 912 civilians at the hands of the Assad regime and in airstrikes by the Russian forces during the month of September.

In a new report released on Monday, the Network said that 498 civilians were killed by the Assad regime, including 101 children and 83 women in September. It pointed out that 33 more civilians people were killed under torture.

The monitoring group said it had documented the deaths of 207 civilians, including 45 children and 31 women, in suspected Russian airstrikes mostly in Idlib province.

The report indicated that 104 civilians were killed in airstrikes by the international anti-ISIS coalition forces, including 29 children. It added that most of the victims were killed in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in which the international coalition is carrying out a bombing campaign against the extremist group.

According to the report, 44 civilians were killed at the hands of extremist groups, mostly in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor provinces. It also indicated that 11 civilians were killed at the hands of the militias of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the province of Raqqa.

The Assad regime’s offensive supported by Russian air forces to recapture the city of Deir Ezzor from ISIS resulted in the death of 156 civilians, the Network added.

The Network went on to say that four civilians were killed at the hands of Hay’at Tahrir Alsham militant group in Idlib province. It added that a total of 8,115 civilians have been killed by the above-mentioned sides across Syria since the beginning of 2017.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 03.10.2017)

Netanyahu: Three conditions to accept Palestinian reconciliation

Pal reconciliation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vetoed the Palestinian reconciliation, putting three conditions to accept it including recognition of Israel, dissolving the armed wing of Hamas Movement and halting its relation with Iran.

“The Palestinian Authority cannot reconcile with Hamas at Israel’s expense,” Netanyahu said on Tuesday, in his first reaction to the latest unity deal between the Hamas and Fatah factions, according to a statement by Netanyahu’s office.

“As part of its reconciliation, the Palestinian Authority must insist that Hamas recognizes Israel, dismantles its military wing and breaks off ties with Iran. We cannot accept fake reconciliation on the Palestinian side that comes at the expense of our existence,” he added.

Netanyahu made the statement in coincidence with the Palestinian consensus government, led by Rami al-Hamdallah, taking over its responsibilities in Gaza Strip in light of the Palestinian reconciliation supervised by Cairo.

Israeli and American pressures on the Palestinian Authority had affected previous reconciliation efforts and led to the continuation of the internal division.

(Source / 03.10.2017)

3 Palestinian boys injured in Beit Ummar clashes

3 boys injured

Three Palestinians were injured and others chocked on tear gas on Tuesday evening after the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided al-Daher area to the south of Beit Ummar town in al-Khalil.

Media activist Mohammed Awad said that three boys were injured in their feet as the IOF soldiers fired rubber bullets, sound bombs and tear gas canisters at the Palestinian citizens who responded by throwing stones and empty bottles.

Awad added that the IOF soldiers, before they withdrew toward the nearby Karmei Tzur settlement, occupied the rooftops of Palestinian houses to fire rubber bullets and tear gas canisters and blocked the main road with garbage containers hindering the movement of citizens and vehicles.

(Source / 03.10.2017)

Netanyahu vows to build thousands of homes in Ma’ale Adumim

Ma'ale Adumin over 1000

Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday pledged to build thousands of new housing units in the illegal settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, one of the West Bank’s biggest Jewish settlements, and threatened to annex it to Israel.

During a visit to Ma’ale Adumim, Netanyahu said that he was announcing a period of “enhanced development.”

“We will build thousands of housing units here,” he said. “We will add the industrial zone needed and the expansion needed to allow for the advanced development of this place.”

His remarks have drawn an angry condemnation from the Palestinians and created a new test for the Trump administration, which has been trying for months to restart peace talks between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Ma’ale Adumim was founded in 1975 on vast tracts of annexed Palestinian land in east Jerusalem near the towns of Eizariya and Abu Dis. It is one of the most dangerous settlements in the West Bank as it is posing a geographic threat to the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state.

(Source / 03.10.2017)

22 families homeless as Israelis pull down Araqeeb village

Al-Araqeeb destroyed

Israeli police forces destroyed on Tuesday morning al-Araqeeb Bedouin village in the Negev region, south of the 1948 Occupied Palestine, for the 119th time since 2010, displacing its residents and razing its under-equipped tents.

Heavily armed officers escorted by bulldozers destroyed the makeshift homes locals had been living in, member of the Committee for the Defense of Araqeeb, Salim al-Touri, reported.

Al-Touri said the village is home to at least 22 Palestinian families, who have been living in tin shacks and makeshift tents

Israeli courts have compelled Palestinian families in the village to pay thousands of shekels for the home-demolition fees.

Araqeeb is one of more than 35 villages, across the Negev region, unrecognized by the Israeli government.

The Israeli authorities claim the Bedouins have established their homes without obtaining the necessary permits.

The village was last demolished on September 14 for the 118th time.

(Source / 03.10.2017)

Demolition, stop-work orders against 2 houses in Bethlehem

Demolition orders 2 houses

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday notified the demolition of a Palestinian house, handed a stop-construction order against another, and seized a bulldozer in al-Walaja village to the west of Bethlehem.

A local source reported that the IOF handed Ibrahim Nairoukh a stop-construction order against his house, which is being rebuilt after it was demolished by the IOF a few months ago, under the pretext of being unlicensed.

It added that the IOF handed Ali Abu al-Tin a demolition order against his house located in  Ain Jawaizeh neighborhood under the same pretext and took photos of lands owned by citizen Yaser al-Atrash in the same area.

The source pointed out that an Israeli military force stormed al-Daher area in al-Walaja, prevented Sha’ban Abu al-Tin form working in his farmland for no apparent reason and confiscated a bulldozer belonging to Mohammed Salah.

(Source / 03.10.2017)

IOF orders Palestinian to stop construction of residential shack

Stop construction

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday morning prevented a Palestinian civilian from finalizing the construction of a residential hut in the northern Jordan Valley to take shelter in.

The Israeli soldiers cordoned off a hut under construction belonging to the Palestinian citizen Youssef Besharat in Khirbet Makhoul, in Wadi al-Malih, and seized his construction equipment.

The occupation forces threatened to send Besharat to jail in case he continues the construction process, declaring the area a closed military zone.

The Israeli occupation army has often seized Palestinian lands in the northern Jordan Valley and banned civilians from building in the area under the military pretext.

(Source / 03.10.2017)

Trump’s Mideast envoy: Palestinians must recognize state of Israel


US President Donald Trump’s special envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt has publicly called on the Palestinians to recognize the State of Israel and commit to nonviolence.

Uploaded on his Twitter page, Greenblatt, who has paid several visits to the region in a bid to inject energy into the moribund peace talks, said “The United States stresses that any Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to nonviolence, recognition of the State of Israel, acceptance of previous agreements and obligations between the parties, and peaceful negotiations.”

In addition, Greenblatt mentioned underway efforts to reconcile the Palestinian political factions, which he said have been the byproduct of pressure by several neighboring countries.

“The United States welcomes efforts to create the conditions for the Palestinian Authority to fully assume its responsibilities in Gaza, as noted in the September 28 Quartet statement,” he declared in the brief.

Greenblatt’s statement has been read as a rare layout of the White House’s preconditions to kick-start stalled peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The comments were released shortly after the Palestinian Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah began his reconciliation visit to Gaza on Monday, arriving in a vehicle motorcade through the Erez border crossing separating Israel and Gaza. He was accompanied by a large delegation of Fatah officials from the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, dozens of aides, and armed bodyguards.

Upon entering the Gaza Strip, al-Hamdallah said that he hoped the reconciliation would succeed, and that the main beneficiary of the division between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is Israel.

(Source / 03.10.2017)