Israeli court sentences Palestinian to 2-life imprisonment

Ziyad Awad 2-life terms

Israeli military court of Ofer on Monday afternoon sentenced a Palestinian detainee, Ziyad Awad, to 2-life terms of imprisonment.

According to Israeli Channel Ten, prisoner Awad was convicted of killing Baruch Mizrahi, a senior Israeli police officer, in 2014.

Awad, who was released in Wafaa al-Ahrar swap deal in 2011, was also sentenced to additional 16 years to complete his previous sentence term. In addition, he was fined 250,000 shekels as compensation to the family of the killed officer.

(Source / 02.10.2017)

Israel targets over 60% of West Bank land

60% land targeted

A Palestinian research study unveiled Israeli systematic targeting of over 60% of the West Bank lands for settlement expansion.

Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah conducted a study on the West Bank lands classified as Area C based on Oslo Accords. The study found out that Palestinians residing in these areas are suffering harsh living conditions at all levels.

The study showed that 300,000 Palestinians are distributed in 532 residential compounds as a result of Israeli security measures. These measures include tightened restrictions on housing, construction, development and economic development in addition to absolute neglect of their needs.

Moving from the Israeli-controlled Area C to the Palestinian Authority-controlled Area A has become one of the most difficult challenges Palestinians are facing, the study said, adding that Palestinian citizens have been increasingly moving out of area C due to the economic difficulties in addition to settlers attacks and violations.

(Source / 02.10.2017)

PA government to take over administrative control of Gaza

Control of Gaza

The Palestinian Authority (PA) government’s premier, Rami Hamdallah, on Monday announced that his government would start to assume its responsibilities in the Gaza Strip.

In a speech he delivered at Bait Hanoun (Erez) crossing in the northern Gaza Strip upon his arrival, Hamdallah said, “The government’s success depends on its ability to make a positive impact on citizens’ lives.”

Hamdallah described Hamas’s decision to dissolve the administrative committee as an “important step”, affirming that alleviating the suffering of the Gazan people is a top priority for his government.

“We came at the orders of president Mahmoud Abbas to announce that the Palestinian state cannot be without geographic unity between the West Bank and Gaza”, he added.

He continued that there will be a unified strategy for the reconstruction of Gaza, pointing out that all pending issues will be addressed, primarily the issue of the PA employees in Gaza.

Hamdallah praised the Egyptian efforts made to end the Palestinian division since the formation of the national consensus government in 2014 until this moment.

A delegation from the Ramallah-based PA government, led by Hamdallah, arrived in the Gaza Strip on Monday. A meeting with the head of Hamas’s Political Bureau, Ismail Haneyya, is scheduled to be held later in the day, while the cabinet weekly meeting is set to be held in Gaza city on Tuesday.

This visit came after Hamas decided on 17th September to dissolve the Gaza Strip administrative committee and called on the PA government to come and assume its responsibilities in the coastal enclave in response to Egypt’s efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation.

(Source / 02.10.2017)

NGO: 24 Female Prisoners Suffer Serious Health Problems Inside Israeli Jails

NGO: 24 Female Prisoners Suffer Serious Health Problems Inside Israeli Jails

Palestinian Prisoner Club (PPC) revealed on Monday that 24 female Palestinian prisoners are suffering critical health problems inside Israeli jails.

The PPC’s lawyer reported complaints of the sick prisoners who are locked up in the Israeli occupation prison of Al-Damoun.

According to the lawyer, the female prisoners said that they are exposed to harsh Israeli treatment, tortures and many other violations.

In a statement, the lawyer said that the female prisoners also said that the Israeli occupation investigators tortured them to get their confessions.

They reiterated that their indictments included false information which were taken under harsh and inhumane torture.

All the 24 meant 24 prisoners have not been sentenced yet, according to the lawyer, and their trials had been postponed several times.

Complaints of the prisoners were given to the lawyer when she visited three of them who are Ataya abu-Eisha, 30, Sameeha abu-yousef, 39, and Asia Ka’abneh, 39, and mother of nine children.

(Source / 02.10.2017)

Livni: Only Jews Have National Right For Self-Determination In Israel

Zionist Jews do not want even a single Palestinian to stay alive in Palestine

Israeli Former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has claimed that only Jews have national right for self-determination in Israel.

Livni, whose Hatnuah faction forms part of the opposition Zionist Camp, made the remarks as part of ongoing discussions in the Knesset about the exact nature of a proposed “nation-state bill,” which seeks to consolidate the State of Israel’s nature as a “Jewish state.”

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post, a number of Israeli parliamentarians – including Livni – are concerned that the proposed legislation will not mention “equality.”

The demand is opposed by others, including influential figures such as Likud member and coalition chair David Bitan.

Livni was quoted in the article as demanding that legislators “take the Declaration of Independence and write simply that Israel is the state of the Jewish people in which there is equality for all.”

She added: “A state in which only the Jewish people have the national right for self-determination and there is equality.”

Many Palestinian citizens of Israel, who have always faced institutional discrimination, argue that real equality is impossible so long as Israel is defined as a “Jewish state” rather than a state of all its citizens.

Israel’s Declaration of Independence announces the establishment of a “Jewish state,” but does not mention “democracy” once. The right to equality is not currently enshrined in Israeli law.

In 2008, Livni told Tel Aviv school students that “once a Palestinian state is established,” she can turn around and tell Palestinian citizens of Israel: “the national solution for you is elsewhere.”

(Source / 02.10.2017)

Israel To Completely Close West Bank, Gaza

Last week, Israeli occupation closed the occupied territories for 48 hours for Jewish holidays

Israeli authorities are set to completely close occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip for 11 days for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

While it has become standard practice for Israel to impose blanket restrictions on Palestinians’ movement during Jewish holidays, 11 days is an unusually long period for such a closure.

Palestinians and human rights groups say such measures are an example of collective punishment meted out by Israeli authorities on Palestinians residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

During these closures, Palestinians are prohibited from travelling from the occupied Palestinian territories into Israel, except for “emergencies” (and only then with permission from occupation officials).

According to some Israeli media reports, the unusually long closure is a response to the fatal shooting at Har Adar settlement last week, Israeli soldiers shot a Palestinian youths claiming he shot dead three of their colleagues.

If this reported linkage is correct, then the 11-day closure is yet another example of the collective punishment policies that have been pursued since the incident, which have included draconian movement restrictions affecting some 40,000 Palestinians in villages near Jerusalem.

The last such closure occurred this past weekend, when a 48-hour lockdown of the occupied territories was imposed for Yom Kippur.

(Source / 02.10.2017)